Say What?! Soupy Presents "Talking With Soup" Series

Hmm, souuuuuup Dan "Soupy" Campbell from The Wonder Years has created a new series of videos on YouTube called "Talking With Soup". In the videos, the…
EdIsAGenius Jan 24, 2014

Music Video Goodies of 2013.

I didn't want to join in on the mass of roundups here on Buzznet. But seeing that the year ended about two hours ago for…
Pierce The Veil in Madrid. 17th112013vid

Pierce The Veil in Madrid. 17th/11/2013

This was the best experience I've ever had. I still can't believe I could see and touch my heroes. I love them so damn much…
piercethenay Nov 23, 2013

The Boys In Close To Home Need YOUR Help!

Hey buds,  My very good friends in Close To Home let me know they made IndieGoGo account to help raise money for their upcoming acoustic EP…
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Nov 04, 2013