It's Saturday And I'm In Love with One Direction

Yes, you did read that right; One Direction. Okay, before you click away, and I lose all respect.. just hear me out. I know the…
Kelley Fox
Kelley Fox Mar 30, 2013

One Direction's 3D Movie Trailer Has Arrived

The world's favorite boy band, One Direction, has released a charming teaser trailer for their upcoming 3D movie, 1D3D. The trailer gives fans an inside look at…
Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Feb 11, 2013

Who Is Your Favorite Member Of One Direction?

I'm a HUGE fan of One Direction and I love all of the members, but I think all One Direction fans have a favorite member…

Mcfly To Take Over America?

Well they are taking over two cities in Septemeber. Those two cities are LA and NYC, of course! This just seems to be the beginning…
mandiriot Jul 06, 2012
One Direction - Use Somebody Live Cover From Up All Night Tour DVD HQvid

One Direction - Use Somebody (Live Cover From Up All Night Tour DVD) HQ

One of my favorite covers that One Direction have ever done! --- Published on May 25, 2012 by excusemyawkwardness One Direction - Use Somebody (Live Cover From Up…
Bek Jul 04, 2012

No Longer Up All Night

The closing credits of "A Year In The Making" rolled and "Gotta Be You" was playing as tears were streaming down my cheeks.  This amazing…
Alli Rants
Alli Rants Jul 03, 2012


30 pics
Bek Jun 15, 2012

At the flicks

Just a few flicks, I've had the chance to see  :)   Sacha Baron Cohen as always is a bundle of surprises. I'd been told mixed reviews…
Bek May 26, 2012

Guilty pleasures - One Direction

Everyone has a guilty pleasure, be it chocolate, TV shows, coffee, whatever. Some things just make us happy no matter how much we try to…
lozzer Dec 10, 2011

The 10 Best Blink-182 Videos Over The Years

Blink-182's new album, Neighborhoods, dropped yesterday making it the band's first full-length album in nearly a decade. Today, the band released a live music video…
Michele Sep 28, 2011

Blink-182 Take You Behind The Scenes of 'Up All Night' Video

Blink-182 have a released this candid behind the scenes video for their shoot of ‘Up All Night’. The video features a lot of kids in…
Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Sep 09, 2011

Blink-182's Take Over With 'Neighborhoods'

For all you avid and loyal Blink-182 fans who have been patiently waiting the arrival of a new album, the wait is soon over. Our…
Michele Sep 07, 2011

Everyday lyrics 14

My very first song today was Up All Night by Blink 182. Everyone wants to call it all around our life with a better name, Everyone…
Martina Satoriova
Martina Satoriova Sep 02, 2011

Blink-182 Reveal Details Of Next Single 'After Midnight'

It's been a long wait for Blink-182 to return with their new album 'Neighborhoods' but now it seems that suddenly it's all systems are go. It's not been long…
amyjoebloggs Sep 02, 2011

Blink-182 Release New Song 'Heart's All Gone'

Reblogged from Sara Scoggins Blink-182 have just released a new song, 'Heart's All Gone' via a separate website, Heartsallgone.com. Upon arrival to the site hit control A to…
marianaribeiro Aug 05, 2011 Originally by sarascoggins