A friendly PSA from your friendly neighborhood whatever you want to call me

I'm going to put out a quick PSA. While reading this, don't think I'm calling people out or making this direct statement to someone/group of…
JP Huff
JP Huff May 04, 2014
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Ali Lohan's New Face: Is 17 Too Young For Plastic Surgery?

Paging Ali Lohan! Ali Lohan, is that you? Lindsay Lohan's not-so-little sister was spotted with her big sis at a salon in Beverly Hills yesterday…
Patty Sep 07, 2011


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thisisdenise Aug 14, 2009

19 year old in a 21+ club

Last Night was the BEST Night of my life so far! <3 I cant even begin to tell you what happened! Anything and Everything Amazing! Special…
keilamera Jul 03, 2009

An Open Letter to Miley Cyrus and All the other Underage Girls Posing for Net Pictures With Little Clothing On

Dear Girls,Put some fucking clothing on.Every girl is free to express her sexuality. There is nothing wrong with showing a little skin and being sexy…
i'm not a kidpic

i'm not a kid

it's sad. i know i look younger than i am but seriously do i look that young? people already thought i was 15! And a few days ago…
MTV's Engaged and Underage episode 4 trailer!vid

MTV's Engaged and Underage episode 4 trailer!

MTV video asset: is there anything better than young love?? how about young marriage!? check out Bre and Josh as they get ready for the…
wiredset Feb 21, 2007
Engaged and Underage Episode 5 Trailervid

Engaged and Underage Episode 5 Trailer

Jenn has wanted Jake since the 7th grade, and she's finally about to marry her knight in sandy fatigues. But with him getting set for…
wiredset Feb 16, 2007
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