Death Is The Beginning - Chapter 2

UPDATE ;D! The sleek black car sped down the dark street, guided by the strongly lit streetlights glowing orange against the tarmac. Bill leant his forehead…
abbieekaulitz Oct 22, 2010

Death Is The Beginning - Chapter 1

HOLY BEJEEEEBERRRRRRRRRRRRS. i havent updated in a while. feel free to shoot me down. D: im sorry. actually, im so sorry. seriously. my excuses are…

Anything for Your Love {{Chapter 33}}

U weren't expecting last chapter turn like that no? mawhahahaha!{{NONE OF THE GUYS ARE GAY JSUK}}__________________________________________________________________"...You?  Like me?"  Bill said in amazement "Yeah... I know you just…
baileybail May 13, 2010

You don`t know how much i want you. {{Bill and Tom Kaulitz TWINcest chapter 1}}

Bill's Dream: Bill was running down a dark ally with only his pants on and a torn shirt on, covered in blood Bill: "Tomi! Ahhhh! help me!…

Anything for your Love {{Chapter 32}} {{FINALLY A NEW CHAPTER LOL}}

Engadgement Ring >>    the stupid thing onlt gave me the dimond but yes pretty much it but it has 2 dimonds on the sideI will put…
baileybail May 06, 2010

Anything for your Love {{Chapter 31}}

Bill had known the hit had been an accident but still he feared of Tom whenever he walked past him.  The hit to his face…
baileybail Feb 19, 2010

Anything for your Love {{Chapter 30}}

Everything was great after bring home Annelise.  Though she was crying alot Bill understood, since she was premature, she needed lots of care.  But on the other…
baileybail Feb 10, 2010

Anything for your Love {{Chapter 29}}

Tom rushed to the hospital as fast as he could.  Bill was screaming in pain, more pain tan any woman could go through.  They were…
baileybail Jan 28, 2010

Anything for your Love {{Chapter 27}}

We're finally all alone!"  Bill said as he scampered into the living room "We have the whole day to ourselves what do you wanna do?""I've…
baileybail Jan 15, 2010
Dance in The Dark - Bill and Tom Twincestvid

Dance in The Dark - Bill and Tom (Twincest)

I warned you in the title if you don't like DO NOT watch it simple dimple. For my fans and readers hellllooooo there dearies it's…
Teagan Jan 07, 2010

Aything for your Love {{Chapter 27}}

Bill and Tom were lying in bed their first night in the new house.  Tom missed having Bill pleasure him but he understood that he…
baileybail Jan 05, 2010

Anything for your Love {{Chapter 26}}

Tara's gone for 3 or 4 weeks, Bill and Tom are happy, the baby is healthy. What could go wrong? If you guessed nothing well…
baileybail Dec 30, 2009

Anything for your Love {{Chapter 25}}

Question: what do u think about incest being illegal? I think it should be leagal even though its against everything i believe in but when…
baileybail Dec 14, 2009

Anything for your Love {{Chapter 24}}

Tom: I can't fuckin believe it Bill started to tear up as his lip quivred Tom; Hey hey hey now don't cry you have fun…
baileybail Dec 11, 2009

Anything for your Love {{Chapter 23}}

i cried writing this.... its so hard to put somthing back together after being broken so much.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tom: I-I need help That baby should…
baileybail Dec 01, 2009