8 Ways to Resist the Urge to Drunk Text Your Crush

We’ve all been there. You’re crushing hard on some guy or some gal. Your heart’s beating like mad and you kind of feel sick all the time, so you decide to hang with your pals to distract yourself. Suddenly, you’re out on the town and several wines deep. Yup, that’s when it happens. It’s like the… More »

5 Benefits To Being The New Kid In School

Being the new kid is never easy, but it’s all in your perspective. Having a positive outlook, especially on the first day of school, can do wonders – not only for your self-esteem but for those around you as it’s been said that positive energy is contagious. Here are 5 benefits to being the new… More »

Best Drinks To Spring Into Warm Weather

It’s the time of the season for outdoor activities filled with sunshine, friends, festivals, and picnics. Instead of packing a boring soda or water for your next outing, why not bring some refreshing…

Dark and Gorgeous Make up Inspirations for Fall

Happy HalloweenMonth, Moon Babies!<3 I’m sending you massive hugs from the dark woods of nowhereland<3 It’s been a really interesting few weeks and I’ve had time to gather some really cool new inspiration and reconnect with the nature. I love it so much… I didn’t take much with me to these travels as I was… More »

I Woke Up like This

Even though we’re young, sometimes our skin doesn’t necessarily appear that way. With our crazy schedules stacked full of classes, jobs, events, late-nights, and junk-food binging… our skin suffers. Here are…

The BEST Lip Enhancer


If you’ve always wanted fuller lips, or if your lips have thinned overtime…

4 Tips For Pulling Off Body Chains

This past summer it seemed like everybody who’s hot in Hollywood was wearing body chains. Celebs like Kate Hudson, Rhianna and Vannessa Hudgens all stepped out showing off the trend, but outside of the spotlight, is this trend a little too much? If you’re worried about pulling off a super sexy body chain, here are… More »

Spring Break: 12 Tips You Need To Know!

With Spring Break right around the corner, here are some fabulous tips to get the most out of your vacay!

1. Figure Out When Your School Breaks: Set a date far in advance and stick to…

Get Outta Town: 10 First Time Travel Tips

This morning I read an article about travel tips for first time travelers. It was pretty good, but as I was reading, I kept thinking of more tips, so here I am! I have traveled…

Photographer Spotlight: Ashley Osborn On Creativity, Growth And Rising Up

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting with the AMAZING Ashley Osborn – one of the best photographers in the midwest – who has an extremely extensive and impressive resume…

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