Tina Fey

Monday Memos: Golden Globes 2014 Recap

nbsp;          Hello people of the internet, on today’s ‘Monday Memos’, we are going to discuss what happened on the 'Golden Globes’ this past Sunday (January…
celindareyes Jan 14, 2014

Golden Globe 2014 Nominations + Predictions

Buzznet, I almost forgot about the Golden Globes. ALMOST! But I would never have missed it because it's my favorite award show of the season!…
pishelle Jan 12, 2014

What To Look Forward To Now That The Holidays Are Over

Feeling a little lost now that the rush of the holiday season is over? Don’t worry, with the new year comes a lot to look…
CastHub Jan 06, 2014

Michelle's Movie Corner: 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues'

I finished off my college years by going to the movies. I mean how else are you supposed to celebrate? And what better way to…
pishelle Dec 19, 2013

10 Female Comedians That Are Taking Over the World and You Just Don't Know It Yet.

2013 is nearing an end, and it's been a monumental year for ladies in comedy. Kristin Wiig was nominated for an Academy Award for the…
Amber Neukum
Amber Neukum Oct 18, 2013