Keltie’s Thor Movie Premiere Behind-The-Scenes Adventure!

If you would have asked me if at some point in my life I would be standing on a platform in the middle of a shut-down Hollywood Blvd, watching mega-movie stars walk the red carpet- I couldn’t have dreamed it! But that is exactly what happened last night at the THOR premiere! I was hosting… More »

Kat Dennings Looks Like A Goddess At ‘Thor’ Premiere

Thor: Into The Dark World is all about an alien god, but at the premiere of the film, Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings Set To Make Her Return To The Dark World! (VIDEO)

What’s better than comic book movies and Kat Dennings? Answer: Kat Dennings IN a comic book movie! Yes, we know that she’s already starred alongside <a…

What Big Secret Is Kat Dennings Keeping?

Aside from her rather informative Kickstarter video, we haven’t seen too much of Kat Dennings as of late. Perhaps the 2 Broke Girls actress is keeping…

Disney Confirms That There Will Be An ‘Avengers 2’

Disney has just confirmed that Avengers 2 is already in development. Shocked? Yeah, me neither

After The Avengers smashed the all-time opening-weekend record, and now has grossing over $702 million so far,…

Hot or Not? Avengers Eye Makeup

Ever since Effie Trinkett showed us that a regular human fleshtone and natural hair color are boring, we are left needing options to make our faces a little more super.


Buzznet Speculates on These Brand New Images From the ‘Avengers’ Set

Last week they were on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, but now this week we’ve got two new photos of The Avengers in action on set.  And Buzznet is right here to…

Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow and More: New ‘The Avengers’ Character Posters

This weekend at Comic-Con, a slew of individual Avengers character posters were released, which all fit together into one long poster. We finally get to see how everyone will look…

Score Some Awesome Stuff on FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2011

So, every year the first Saturday in May is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY.  And it is exactly what it sounds like: if you go to a participating comic shop, you get FREE comics.  


The Evolution of Thor

The Norse God of Thunder/Superhero has come a long way since his comic debut in the 1960’s. Take a look at how his look has evolved from the early days up until his blockbuster Hollywood debut this coming Friday!

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