The Lonely Girl's Playlist: Songs To Listen To When You're Feeling Alone

This summer, after spending entirely too much time alone due to health woes, I have been listening to tons of sad music. I thought it…
xxrachelrhodes Aug 21, 2014

Put Your Records On: "Heart" by The Pretty Reckless

Welcome to a special song edition of Put Your Records On. Tonight, I'm mixing it up a bit and just focusing on one song rather…
Tina Jul 14, 2014

My two-day music binge

I’m always hesitant when it comes to clothes shopping and how much money I spend but with music there is absolutely no limit. So I…
maryinjune Jun 30, 2014
The Best Of Taylor Momsenpic

The Best Of Taylor Momsen

GOING TO HELL album pic 
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ashleyedgybadass Jun 24, 2014

According to The Pretty Reckless, It's A Pretty Messed Up World!

I just seen The Pretty Reckless' new video for "Messed Up World". I was awesome. It was raunchy, wild, and quite interesting. One thing I noticed…

April Playlist!

Sorry i haven't posted in a while, My final deadline for all my coursework (and the end of the school year is very soon! 2…
georgiajinxx Apr 30, 2014
Pre Show Dinnerpic

Pre Show Dinner

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laureneff Apr 24, 2014

Fashion Inspiration x Taylor Momsen

My latest fashion icon is Taylor Momsen from the band Pretty Reckless. This blonde bombshell can headbang in 7 1/2" heels wearing nothing but a…
Barbie Roxy Hagar
Barbie Roxy Hagar Apr 19, 2014
The Pretty Reckless- Zombie covervid

The Pretty Reckless- Zombie cover

Again, this really sucks but thanks to anyone who gives it a listen :):)