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The Dresden Dollspic

The Dresden Dolls

Reference: While the band claims the name references a number of things, one of those is the V.C. Andrews novel Flowers in the Attic where…
Ashly Aug 17, 2011
Say What You Will...pic

Say What You Will...

Lyrics are from "The Kill" by The Dresden Dolls. I SERIOUSLY had a hard time picking just one song/lyric. So, you get two photos to…
Ashly Jun 23, 2011
Amanda Palmer's eyes.pic

Amanda Palmer's eyes.

Amanda of the Dresden Dolls. Love that lady. Her eyebrows are pretty fierce. Drawn in pen.
jemima98 Nov 13, 2009
Tie Day 34: The Lovepic

Tie Day 34: The Love

Vicky - Joanna Yesterday I went to the city with JOANNA & I got The Dresden Dolls - Live at the Roundhouse, London. It's cool. I had…
grizza Jul 02, 2009
Gerard, Lindsey, Jill Tracy, Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, David Jpic
New picture : Lyn-z and Amanda Palmerpic
The time has comepic

The time has come

the time has come to speak of many things of jacks and queens and kings I bared my wrists and promised to begin but you cut the blade…
shackle free
shackle free Mar 16, 2009
You think I can't fly well you just watch mepic

You think I can't fly well you just watch me

(..) Gravity works slowly if you notice it at all Some of us are getting mighty lucky If you had to live with this you'd rather lie than…
shackle free
shackle free Jan 22, 2009
Rad hair pic!pic
Amanda Covering 1 2 3 4, well sortapic

Amanda Covering 1 2 3 4, well sorta
3 pics
lazyspacealien Aug 03, 2008
A photo-manipulationpic

A photo-manipulation

Ok I was a little bit bored so I manipulated a little bit around and this is the result. Jennifer Love Hewitt feat. Brian Viglioni from…
lovelypedant Jun 05, 2008
Brian looking damn sexypic
Oh Brianpic

Oh Brian

8 pics
lazyspacealien Jun 01, 2008
waiting in line in st.louis starbucks for breakfast, yo.pic

waiting in line in st.louis;; starbucks for breakfast, yo.

yeah, how cute do i look? haha. outside the pageant in st.louis. it was in january, and like..seventy-five degrees, crazy.
thexbatxbuckle Apr 10, 2008