The Downtown Fiction To Release New Song

The Downtown Fiction announced today that their new single "Kiss My Friends" drops at midnight! With the announcement, PopCrush put out a video with a look…
mzegarlowicz Apr 14, 2014

The Downtown Fiction Announce NEW ALBUM

The Downtown Fiction announced today that their new record, Losers & Kings, will be released June 17! Following the announcement of the album, TDF also…
mzegarlowicz Mar 24, 2014
The Downtown Fiction vs. Miley Cyrus I Just Wanna Wrecking Ballvid

The Downtown Fiction vs. Miley Cyrus "I Just Wanna Wrecking Ball"

The Downtown Fiction is at it again with the mashup of their song "I Just Wanna Run" and Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball".  What do you think…
mzegarlowicz Feb 11, 2014

Buzznet Exclusive: Interview with Kyle Rodgers of The Downtown Fiction

The Downtown Fiction is my first Band To Listen To, and they’re such a kick-ass group. Buzznet loved them so much that I just had…
mzegarlowicz Jan 30, 2014

Band To Listen To: The Downtown Fiction

We all have that one band. You know, the one you love. The one that you know every word to every song they've ever put out…
mzegarlowicz Jan 20, 2014


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