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Music Notes: Noteworthy: Further Seems Forever Post New Lyric Vidpic

Music Notes: Noteworthy: Further Seems Forever Post New Lyric Vid

Not sure why I didn't post about this last week but -- Further Seems Forver have releaed another song I am in love with. You…
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Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Oct 08, 2012
Warped Tour 2003: The Atarispic

Warped Tour 2003: The Ataris

The Ataris were actually first on the Vans Warped Tour in 2001 but I couldn't find a photo of them AT ALL before 2003. This…
saarrraaaaivy May 25, 2011
The Atarispic

The Ataris

Vans Warped Tour 2009 Verizon Wireless Music Center Noblesville, Indiana 7.7.09
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christywhatever Jul 12, 2010
Kris Roepic

Kris Roe

Uncle Pleasants Louisville, Kentucky 4.5.08
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christywhatever Jul 11, 2010
The Atari's vs. Toni Basilpic

The Atari's vs. Toni Basil

Hey Mickey by Toni Basil Also heard in Bring It On Vs. San Dimas High School Football Rules by The Ataris don't you understand that what I say is…
breesays Jan 18, 2010
me and kristopher roepic
The Atarispic

The Ataris

july 5 2009 dallas, tx more photos at
Aubrebre Jul 23, 2009
Less Than Jakepic

Less Than Jake

dallas warped tour july 5 2009 more photos at
Aubrebre Jul 22, 2009
The Ataris on DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show June 25, 2009pic
The Ataris 5-3-09pic
xxcherryxkissx0 May 04, 2009
Xris Feb 29, 2008
Kris Roe, the Atarispic
Kris Roepic

Kris Roe

Kris Roe playing an acoustic set at Summit City Lounge in Whitesburg, KY.
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hollywoodpanic8 Feb 22, 2008


zippythechick Aug 01, 2007
The Atarispic

The Ataris

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nixic Apr 29, 2007