Ông chủ Khaisilk và những quyết định rất… Khải

Những quyết định “rất Khải”, luôn khác biệt, luôn bất ngờ, luôn nghĩ đến cái gì không thể với tới. Người ta đã không còn…
pigeonelbow3 Aug 16, 2014

Celiac Ailment And Foot Soreness

Celiac {disease|illness|condition|ailment} is a disorder of the {small|little|tiny|modest} intestines. The {main|primary|principal|major} {cause|trigger|result in|lead to} is the inability of the {small|little|tiny|modest} intestines to {absorb|soak up} the…
pigeonelbow3 Aug 01, 2014
Britney: Thanks For The Birthday Wishes!pic

Britney: Thanks For The Birthday Wishes!

"Thank u so much for all ur birthday wishes! They mean so much to me!!! Xo!" "#BritneyJeanTomorrow"   Source: Twitter
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Dec 02, 2013

Dear 2013, I'm Thankful For...

It feels like it was last week that I was writting a thankful blog for Thanksgiving 2012. Am I the only person who thinks this…
gabbiebrown Nov 25, 2013

BSTA #37 Thanks

I thought I would remind you all what a poor artist I am! LOL This way I can remind everyone of the turkey fun we…
CANDLE Nov 18, 2013
Britney Tweets About Jaydens Birthdaypic

Britney Tweets About Jayden’s Birthday

Britney Tweeted fans thanking them for Jayden’s bday wishes. "You guys are SOOOO sweet. Thanks for all the love on my baby boy's 7th birthday :)"   Source…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 13, 2013
I can do this...pic

I can do this...

So..lately I've been thinking about so much. I haven’t had a really great year and been going through a lot. First off I'm living with…

raffle competition

Congrats to Lucy Davison who won the raffle competition for sharing my video of 'One Day'. Thanks for everyone who supported me by sharing...your all…
lukepottermusic Jan 07, 2013

Post- Christmas Spirit Cleansing

I am so thankful for my best friends and family for making this years christmas celebration the best one yet, you are all amazing and…
Steff Ierullo
Steff Ierullo Dec 26, 2012
Tour's Over, We Survived!pic
Love Gratitude: My Weekly Photospic

Love + Gratitude: My Weekly Photos

Met up with my pals Leah and Kelsie in San Fran!
28 pics
Tattoo Hottie
Tattoo Hottie Nov 26, 2012
Breaking Dawn Part 2pic

Breaking Dawn Part 2

Whether or not you are a Twi-Hard or a total Twi-hater, everyone wins with this final Twilight flick! As Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor…
8 pics
My Hand Turkey!pic
Reasons Why I Am Thankful This Yearpic


Still getting used to buzzing away, tips/help would be great! - Kat
kattmeows Jul 16, 2012