My Warm Bodies Review

Warm Bodies  (2013)  The zombie apocalypse has happened, and humans are barely hanging on. R (Nicholas Hoult) isn’t your ordinary zombie, as he is very aware of…

Patty's Pick: 'Warm Bodies' - A Zombie Movie With A Lot Of Heart!

Let me start out by saying, I am not a big zombie movie fan by any means. Aside from the adorable movie Paranorman, they're wayyyy…
Patty Feb 01, 2013

Get Cozy: 'Warm Bodies' Gets A New Trailer!

If you love a good love story with a twist or just love a good zombie movie, you will adore the upcoming Summit flick, Warm…
Patty Dec 03, 2012

'Take Me Home Tonight' Opens Today... Time To Name the 80's Movie References!

Take Me Home Tonight opens today! The film stars funnypeople That 70's Show alum Topher Grace, The House Bunny actress Anna Faris, Kung Fu Panda's Dan…
Patty Mar 04, 2011

Zac Efron Has a New Ladyfish

So many things are happening in the world of rich, famous people with good bone structure this morning. Let's take a deep, deeeep look into…
Aviva Feb 05, 2011

'Transformers 2' Cast Taking Shape

Casting news about the next installment of the "Transformers" franchise is starting to seep out bit by bit. The Michael Bay directed sequel to last…
muveebuzz May 01, 2008