Tortures for Flies: GIRL POWER HDvid

Tortures for Flies: GIRL POWER (HD)

A fart a day keeps the boyfriend at bay! (Remastered in saucy High Definition)
offplanetfilms Feb 04, 2014
Week 52pic

Week 52

Again sorry for putting this off :P I end the year with a selfie of how I look as a 20 year old. I've got…
Goose Girl
Goose Girl Jan 10, 2014


Hey guys! I'm actually new here. I'm probably doing this all wrong, but, I'll get the hang of it! I have some amazing recipies to…

A Letter To My 15 Year Old Self

Thanks to Kate Cordova's lovely blog, I got inspired to look in my past and share some goofy pictures and memories with you all.   Dear 15…
jacklynnn Oct 23, 2013