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New Photos with @JPSHOTYOU

It's not everyday I get the golden opportunity to shoot with photographers from other cities! But it just so happened that Joel Armory was in…
Misty Mason
Misty Mason Apr 18, 2014
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Remove Body Tattoovid

Remove Body Tattoo

Unwanted Tattoos we use Q-Switched ND:YAG Laser tattoo removal offering a safe, fast and effective solution to your tattoo reduction or permanent removal. We have…
unwantedtattoos Apr 15, 2014
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Youtube Evolution Of: My Chemical Romance

Reblogged from Brittany Lee Music Lovers, Here we meet again on another Friday. I plan to make this Good Friday a GREAT Friday with another Youtube Evolution…
myrealnameislove Apr 14, 2014 Originally by brittanyhagerty
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Tiny Tattoospic

Tiny Tattoos

9 pics
Bianca Dansoh
Bianca Dansoh Mar 31, 2014
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Exclusive Interview: Travis Barker Talks MusINK, Tattoos & More!

Hey Music Pals,  As you may know I am covered in tattoos and have really fallen in love with the tattoo industry in whole. I am…
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