Add Spice on your Desktop Background With Funny Photo

When you hunt for something innovative and hilarious to incorporate spice in your daily life, it can be done easily using the fun images. Most…
wire4coast Jan 30, 2015

Finding the Best Tribal Tattoo Designs

Tribal tattoos have been the choice of more and more people these days. This form of body art has been there since the ancient times…
dancepaper41 Jan 04, 2015
30 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Shel Silverstein Bookspic
30 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Shel Silverstein Bookspic
Memorial Tattoo for Grandmapic

Memorial Tattoo for Grandma

Went to my fantastic tattoo artist last night to get this memorial tattoo below my knee for my grandma. Kelli, my artist, is so fantastic!…
Rhianna Dec 17, 2014
Blowing smoke at The Green Room Society in Vancouver BCpic

Blowing smoke at The Green Room Society in Vancouver BC

Gooood morning! Blowing smoke at The Green Room Society #smoketricks #smoke #tattooedchicks #tattooedgirls #tattooed #tattoos #modification #bodymodification #bodymods #vapelove #cloudlife #cloudydays #vapecommunity #vapeporn #girlswhovape #girlswhobuild…
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grscanada Dec 14, 2014
Disney Frozen Tattoospic
Callina Marie
Callina Marie Dec 08, 2014

Tattoos create danger in modeling

Occasionally it's a real interest in artwork but more generally folks do because they need to fit in with some subculture or it as a…
piolaunpo Dec 06, 2014

10 Steps to Winterizing Your Underground Sprinkler System

Even 3000 many years before Christ, kings experienced tattoos to exhibit their rank and authority. When the European explorers crossed the Pacific Ocean, they traveled…
crush3answer Dec 04, 2014

Tattoos Have Gained A New Respect And Understanding

It appears that many years back, in The united states, tattoos had been commonly related with bikers, gang customers, and convicts. They have been definitely…
crush3answer Dec 04, 2014
Cat Tattoospic

Cat Tattoos

Cat Tattoos See.. Cat Tattoos Cat Tattoo cool Cat Tattoos Black Cat Tattoos Chesire Cat Tattoos Small Cat Tattoos Beautiful Cat Tattoos Cat paw Tattoos Cat Tattoo…
tattoosme Nov 30, 2014


Hello buzzfeed world and buzz feeders I decided to dedicate this blog to my life as a not so average looking mother. im a 24…
_metalthunder Nov 10, 2014
TattTuesday: The Best Riff Raff Tattoospic


Ever wondered what it's like for the tattoo artist while they make their art? Take a look "behind the curtain" at a tattoo parlor in…
jennyskinny Nov 03, 2014
Sad Angel Tattoospic
fangtastic Oct 29, 2014