You Gotta Hear This: Leitbur Release 'Counterpart'

Los Angeles electronic duo, Leitbur, have a lot to be thankful for this year. After singer Jaron Widman was diagnosed with cancer this past summer…
Tina Dec 02, 2014

Haerts Delight with Their Self-Titled Debut

I have never been more proud to live in Brooklyn than I do right now. We have some of the best breakout bands making their…
Tina Oct 28, 2014

Band To Buzz About Fall '14: By An Ion

By An Ion is an electronic duo hailing from San Diego, CA consisting of childhood friends Ray Aguilar and The New Division drummer Alex Gonzales…
Tina Oct 03, 2014

#CancerSucks Help an Underground Artist Stay Above Ground

Los Angeles electronic duo, Leitbur, consisting of Jaron Widman and Samantha Krzyston, were brought to my attention this past week with their new single, "Heartsink."…
Tina Sep 29, 2014

From The Indie Vault: Allegories

Allegories - For fans of: The Smiths, Joy Division, Tears For Fears The first time I heard Allegories, I had a feeling that Ian Curtis was…
Tina Sep 25, 2014

Song Of The Day: "Runners" by Teeel

When Teeel's "Disk Go" first showed up in my inbox, I was left starry-eyed. The NJ native just released his new album, Hydrostatic, via Mush…
Tina Sep 24, 2014

Telepathic Beat: Q&A with Ennui

ennui - a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement. While we all have felt a sense of 'ennui' at…
Tina Sep 22, 2014

LISTEN: Teeel Unveils 'Disk Go' From Upcoming Release

New Jersey electro mastermind Jim Smith, better known as Teeel, has unveiled a new track from his upcoming release, Hydrostatic, out on September 9. "Disk…
Tina Sep 08, 2014