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Talia Bloodina
Talia Bloodina Jul 27, 2012
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Happy Edge Day!

I’ve been straight edge for two years now. And yes, I’m not even going to lie, i’ve had doubts about it as I’m sure any…
shescreamsinsilence Oct 17, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Toby Morse of H2O Talks Straight Edge, Positivity and Bands That Changed His Life

I, along with my roommate Ashley, had the privilege to sit down with Toby Morse of H2O in order to talk his program One Life…
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Journal #7

'Drug Free. No Compromise, True Till Death'   As I'm sure many of yall know, today, April 20 is National Weed Day. Being Straight Edge [poison/drug free] I obviously…
mediocresurprise Apr 20, 2010
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FED: Fuck Every Drug
Tru Hybrid Lette
Tru Hybrid Lette Apr 16, 2009
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look out my window

and drift into my fantasy
elflithoniel Apr 05, 2009

Seriously, know what sXe is.

If I see one more X on someones hands who isn't sXe I am about to spazz.Some how they think putting the X symbol on…


Straight Edge I became SxE when I started listen AFI. They show me another way, better I think!! So thanks for AFI!!! Much respect!!!
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X one life - one chance X

X TUCKS X from : Mexico
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xtucksx Sep 29, 2008

Straight Edge!

I find it as a very strong and smart lifestyle and decision. Not only does it enable a person to live life with a positive experience…
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