japanese foodpic

japanese food

especially sushi!
YvonneMichelle Jan 28, 2014

Instagram Diary: The Weekend.

My previous weekend has been spent eating sushi and donuts with my siblings, playing Mario Kart in the arcade aswell as 'modelling' my cutesy Fairilse…
Best Japanese Cuisine Danbury Call 203 942-2916vid

Best Japanese Cuisine Danbury | Call (203) 942-2916

Ki Asian Bistro and Sushi offers a wide array of authentic Japanese dishes, such as Miso Soup, Edamame, Shrimp Tempura, Avocado Roll. Come in for…
toplocalbiz45 Oct 04, 2013
definition of classpic

definition of class

sushi tastes even better in the RiteAid parking lot.
ahoyerin Oct 03, 2013

Fall In Love With: Sushi Art

Sushi art is something what can change this autumn!!! You know that making food art  is good way to express your feelings and it will…
Forbidden Sep 16, 2013


It's almost impossible to get a photo of this restaurant. It's right next to The Thatched Cottage the same place I posted a photo on…
BIZARRELAND Jul 19, 2013
Sushi Japanese Food Restaurant Sydney CBD and Perthvid

Sushi Japanese Food Restaurant Sydney CBD and Perth

Sushia Izakaya and Bar is Japanese food restaurant in Sydney CBD and Perth. Sushia chefs use only the freshest produce and embrace both traditional methods…
Sushia Izakaya and Bar
Sushia Izakaya and Bar Jul 09, 2013

Pretty Little Things

Hey lovers! This post is actually about random daily stuff and details in life: rituals, food, Vogue pages etc.   Vogue - one of my favorite…
Neeshabetha LL
Neeshabetha LL Apr 29, 2013
The Playboypic

The Playboy

what was left of my sushi from Forty Five Degrees in Indianapolis. They set this on fire.
JPG Apr 18, 2013
The Most Delicious Sushi I Ever Ate!pic

The Most Delicious Sushi I Ever Ate!

I went shopping a few days ago in Spijkenisse, my hometown. After a tiresome but awesome day of shopping, we went to this new Sushi…
Dee Dee
Dee Dee Mar 06, 2013

BUZZNET Exclusive: Dave Franco... Sushi Snob?! (VIDEO)

We know Dave Franco best for his hilarious Funny or Die videos (especially You're So Hot with pal Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and his breakout role in…
Patty Jan 11, 2013
362 Day Project- Day 4.pic

362 Day Project- Day #4.

Ahh! I wish I knew what to write! I hope everyone's doing good! :) I've got a sore throat that just doesn't want to go…

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez's Explosive Date Night Fight!

Are they or aren't they - that is the question Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez fans are asking about the famous (ex?) couple these days…
Patty Nov 19, 2012
16 Going On 17.pic

16 Going On 17.

40 pics
Hannah Scott
Hannah Scott Nov 18, 2012
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