Another November sunsetpic

Another November sunset

We had a pretty sunset sky again yesterday afternoon - I take a lot of sunset shots at this time of the year because the…
annier Nov 19, 2014
Sunset skypic

Sunset sky

A quiet sunset at home yesterday afternoon about 4.30 pm .
annier Nov 16, 2014


This is a great sunset at the Grand Canyon.
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Way Far Out Adventures
Way Far Out Adventures Nov 03, 2014
Cheboygan Sunsetpic

Cheboygan Sunset

I told you yesterday that I have decided that I won't be returning to my secret spot until hunting season is over!  They are not…
CANDLE Oct 29, 2014


I am forever changing just where I shoot from !  I am rather happy with how this turned out !  I took it Thursday night…
CANDLE Oct 25, 2014
Molokai Papahaku Beach Sunset Bernie Strehler Molokai Hawaiipic

Molokai Papahaku Beach Sunset Bernie Strehler Molokai Hawaii

Molokai Papahaku Beach Sunset Bernie Strehler Molokai Hawaii
berniestrehler Oct 19, 2014
Cuttlefish sunsetpic
It's Not Rainingpic

It's Not Raining

Late this afternoon and evening we had a break from the rain!  I was so happy to see that the sun still shines!  I took…
CANDLE Oct 06, 2014
Sunset For Mom ... Other Newspic

Sunset For Mom ... Other News

My mom likes it when I "put all the stuff in it"!  Let me decipher that: She likes it when I frame the sun with…
CANDLE Sep 30, 2014
Ala Moana Beach Sunset Skypic

Ala Moana Beach Sunset Sky

Taken from Ala Moana Beach Park, Magic Island, September 24, 2014. Canon Powershot A520 camera.
macpro Sep 30, 2014

Just A Typical Thursday

Hi there!  I took a lot of photos today and I couldn't decide which one to post, so I am going to do a photoblog…
CANDLE Sep 25, 2014
Another Pellston Sunsetpic

Another Pellston Sunset

I have had to change direction in my secret spot because the sun is shifting, as it should be this time of year!  I am…
CANDLE Sep 21, 2014
Tonight's Sunsetpic

Tonight's Sunset

Today was Kay's day off and we had such a great time!  We slept late and then headed up to my mom's for the afternoon! …
CANDLE Aug 16, 2014
Another Sunsetpic

Another Sunset

I know I said that I was going to do a photo blog of yesterday at the lake!  But, Buzznet is being glitchy, so here…
reomaelbaz Aug 13, 2014 Originally by candl1988
Not A Sunsetpic

Not A Sunset

Well the sun is small in the background! This is, of course, my secret spot again!  It is the last sunset we have had!  We…
CANDLE Aug 12, 2014