Katnip: Video of the Dayvid

Katnip: Video of the Day

I think the frog speaks for itself...
kathrynbarron Feb 19, 2013


I can tell by the way you're standing there, Oh, that you've got so much to say, But you saying nothing is telling me that something's wrong. We're…
ashliredden Jun 08, 2012

Don't say...

Don't say "suck my dick" to anyone. You clearly don't got one to be proud of.
kiweoj2b Apr 06, 2012
Painted inpic

Painted in

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Sirah Mar 27, 2012

Nick Hurt's Fave People, Places and Things of 2011

Yesterday the Texan outfit known as SPEAK shared some of their favorite photos of 2011--which was not without some debauchery in Amsterdam. Today guitarist…
hearspeakhere Dec 31, 2011
Late nightpic

Late night

Troupe and Nick horsing around at a late night drunk photo-shoot - Nick, put your shirt back on.
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hearspeakhere Dec 29, 2011

SPEAK Cover MGMT's 'Weekend Wars'

Buzznet has been introduced (lured? transfixed?) and consequently fallen in love with many a band through their covers of popular songs--and we've got one for…
Kristen Stewart in 'Speak' 2004pic
77... You can't make it good on your ownpic

77... You can't make it good on your own

Speak - "Carrie (Mindful)" Before last week, Speak never played a show outside of their home state of Texas. Before last week, I'd never even heard of…
m Nov 09, 2010

Speak Now

I am not the kind of girl, Who should be rudely bargin' in on a white veil occasion,But you are not the kind of boy,Who…
Lexxi(: Oct 28, 2010

Speak Loudly

Author Laurie Halse Anderson talks about how someone is challenging her book Speak, a painfully realistic look at the mental state of a young woman…
Ashly Sep 19, 2010

Speak. (One-shot)

Here is a one-shot that is a little rough. It's just to help me get back into the writing world. :) Yeah, I know. I don't…
Adelaide Sep 18, 2010
I speak ...pic

I speak ...

... because I can. Laura Marling's new album. Didn't amaze me but inspired me somewhat (Y) :D
Ellinatorr .
Ellinatorr . Apr 12, 2010

Speak - Starring Kristen Stewart.

Ok, first off, let me say i do think Kristen Stewart is a good actress, i just think in twilight there isnt much she can…

Rude People (Bedroom)

Ever meet a rude person? I'm talking about people who don't actualy realize the way they speak. They just speak rudeness without knowing it. It…
holyfire Nov 24, 2009