Flashback Friday: 10 Out-Of-This-World Alien Movies

Before there was Avatar and even before there was Star Wars, there was John Carter. John Carter was first introduced in 1911 in the novels…
Patty Mar 09, 2012

Happy Revenge Of The Fifth! Spaceballs, The Druish Star Wars

Spaceballs is a Star Wars parody and let me just say, it is AWESOME!!! The genius Mel Brooks wrote the film and it doesn't disappoint…
Armen Atoyan
Armen Atoyan May 05, 2011
Hardtimes for Yodapic

Hardtimes for Yoda

A withered soul, living in the mist and seclusion. Well, not this Yoda...he has taken resident at a local Tulsa Thrift Store. Yoda has be…
wallyworldr Dec 19, 2005