The Many Faces Of: Bella Thornepic

Alt. Press First Award Show!

Tonight is the first ever Alternative Press Music Awards! And I couldn't be happier! This is going to be a killer show! Sleeping with Sirens…
reallygreg Jul 21, 2014
The Many Faces Of: Ashley Bensonpic
The Many Faces Of: Lordepic
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Jul 14, 2014
Show Us Your Good Side: Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirenspic
The Many Faces Of: Bradley Soileaupic

Rainy Day Playlist!

So there is this huge hurricane going on right now and i have this rainy day playlist which is really helping me get through this…
reallygreg Jul 03, 2014
The Many Faces Of: Tyler Carterpic
The Many Faces Of: Ed Sheeranpic
The Many Faces Of: Robert Pattinsonpic
The Many Faces Of: Johnny Depppic
The Many Faces Of: Johnny Depppic
The Many Faces Of: Dave Francopic

Top 10 Cover Songs

Who doesn't love a good cover! Covering popular songs is a trend that seems to be getting bigger and bigger, with up-coming artists recording them…
clarefitz May 29, 2014

Artist to Watch For - Hands Like Houses

Meet Hands Like Houses, a rock band from Canberra, Australia who are quickly making a name for themselves. This six-piece is bringing listeners a whole…
clarefitz May 27, 2014