This Is Why Being Single Isn’t Deadly

There was a time when the single life was all I knew. I did not complain. I did not go out searching for less-than-perfect dudes to fill that so-called void. In fact, I never viewed being single as deadly. Maybe it’s the introvert in me, but I valued my alone time while I was single… More »

7 Reasons Being Single At The Holidays Is So Chill

Sometimes being single at the holidays can start to feel a little lonely. Well, the grass is always greener, as they say. Just talk to some of your coupled up pals as they plan for holiday visits and gift buying and the general insanity that comes with the season. Before you lament your single-ness, here… More »

LISTEN: The Lonely Biscuits Drop First Single “Talk About” Off New Album

If you don’t know who The Lonely Biscuits are, now is the time to get acquainted with the Nashville based band. We met them a few years back at SXSW and were completely blown away by their funk indie-rock sound and Grady Wenrich‘s pop-fresh vocals. Now, the guys are gearing up for the release of their yet-to-be-titled debut album, and… More »

What It Feels Like When Heartache Starts To Fade

Getting your heart crushed is never an easy thing to deal with. There’s the constant ache, the sting, the pit in your stomach, and the inability to focus your thoughts on anything but what is causing your heart to feel like it’s being ripped to shreds. While it’s happening, it can seem as though this… More »

Dating Tips From A Fed Up Single Woman

Over the years, I’ve been asked why I’m single. The number one answer is that I’m picky and let’s be honest – I’m old-fashioned. Nowadays, it seems like effort is a foreign concept and hooking up is the norm and I’m not about that life. While I may not be fed up with being single… More »

Carly Rae Jepsen Gets Gritty In “Your Type” Video

Carly Rae Jepsen just dropped a new video for her recent single “Your Type,” which tells the story of unrequited love and the roller coaster of emotions attached. In the video, Carly plays a gritty Cinderella-esque type character who could potentially be living on the streets. The video follows her walking around the city at night…. More »

Tokio Hotel Play An Acoustic Session In Madgeburg For RadioSAW

Tokio Hotel continue their German promotion of their new album Kings Of Suburbia.

Today they come back in Magdeburg all together (Gustav was…

Music Video Premiere: Tokio Hotel ‘Love Who Loves You Back’

The await is OVER!

Here we are: Tokio Hotel just uploaded their lead single’s official music video of “Kings Of Suburbia

In the last…

LISTEN: Fergie Teases Us With Snippet Of New Song!!

FERGALICIOUS!!! Fergie has been MIA for the last couple of years. But after having a baby and marrying hottie Josh Duhamel, shes FINALLY ready to make a comeback!!

Check out the snippet from her first single…

LISTEN: Alexa Ferr Releases New Single, ‘No Good’

You might remember Alexa Ferr when she was a featured artist in From The Indie Vault last year. Now, Ferr is…

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