Upcoming Tours/Shows I'll Be At!

So since it's almost time for spring tours and summer tour announcements, I figured I'd make a short post about what shows and dates you…

Make $50,000 In A Month (Really Performs!)

If you plan a trip to Italy, you should know where to seek the best luxury rentals in Italy. If Tuscany is your destination, you…
baconhockey33 Dec 28, 2014

We Came As Romans/Chiodos Co-Headlining Tour *Review* 12/18/14

Last night, We Came As Romans wrapped up their holiday tour, co-headlining with Chiodos, here in Cleveland, Ohio. And what a way to wrap up…
seanoday Dec 19, 2014

LIGHTS Dazzles at New York's Irving Plaza

When you’re a music geek like me, experiencing live music isn’t just “seeing a show,” it’s more like a therapy session. As much as I…
Tina Oct 29, 2014