Ever wondered what it's like for the tattoo artist while they make their art? Take a look "behind the curtain" at a tattoo parlor in…
jennyskinny Nov 03, 2014

External Hemorrhoid Treatment - How To Care For External Hemorrhoids Fast

Hemorrhoids is certainly not a life threatening condition, and can be easily treated in the event the right steps are followed. Most of individuals will…
dryeel Aug 20, 2014
Master Chief: Halo Song Out TakesBloopersvid

Master Chief: Halo Song (Out Takes/Bloopers)

WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE Here are the recordings of me blundering through some of the lyrics to my Master Chief Halo Song!   Song Professionally Screwed Up By: Shane…
shaneb Jul 05, 2014
Happy Birthday Sisvid

Happy Birthday Sis

Sometime's you just have to sing your heart out for your #sister on her #birthday...   Edited, Filmed, Written, Recorded, & Performed by: Shane Blair
shaneb Jul 05, 2014