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Check out this little video I made with my favorite shopping tips, Here are the things that I look out for when…

Online Summer Festival Shopping Guide

It’s April already, which means more and more festivals are approaching which call for an updated Summer wardrobe! I have found some super cute trends that I see people rocking that I feel are perfect for any festival. I put together a gallery of all of the best festival trends I could find to guide… More »

Get A Jump On Spring With These Jumpsuits

In an alternate universe where I wasn’t a weird goth teenager version of Inspector Gadget and didn’t wear the same black-jeans-and-t-shirts combo every single day, I think I would probably wear a lot of jumpsuits. Floral ones even. Why? They just seem so breezy and comfy while still being chic and fashionable, plus even though… More »

Cool Camo Pieces That Won’t Hide Your Style

You know those days where you just feel like hiding from everything and everyone? Well these items of camo clothing probably won’t help with that, because most likely you don’t live in some sort of jungle, but they are still very cool and while they won’t protect you from enemy soldiers and such, they will… More »

Lace Yourself With These Super Cute Lace-Up Booties

There’s something in the feeling of tightly lacing up your shoes and knotting them up (or if you are me, doing the bunny ears thing because you never properly learned the other way which doesn’t mean you’re dumb it just means you have difficulty with spatial thinking, ok?) that gives you the feeling of being… More »

Break All The Rules In These Wonderful Winter Whites

Rules are for suckers. Most especially fashion rules, cause the whole thing about fashion isn’t looking skinny or keeping up with magazine trends or whatever, it’s about expressing yourself, and if yourself is someone who wears white in the winter, then eff Labor Day and do you. (This rule has never applied to me because… More »

Cozy Cardigans To Curl Up In This Winter

My close friend Jayne once said that “the comfort and safety of an always-inviting couch is the plane of our friendship.” Besides demonstrating how exceedingly eloquent Miss Jayne is, this sentiment is also reflective of how much I love being comfortable. I will almost always choose pants with elastic waists over those without, and if… More »

Inspector Fashion: Trench Coats For The New Year

I don’t know about you but I’ve often entertained notions of being a wily private detective, sitting in my little office (wood floors, burgundy leather couch, multiple metal file cabinets) waiting for clients to show up while I drink from a high ball of fine scotch and lament how I’ve wasted my life while solving… More »

Break Necks This New Year’s Eve With These Heart-Stopping Heels

Look, I’m probably the biggest proponent of comfortable footwear on the planet. Actually it’s shocking that I haven’t actually just jumped the shark and started wearing exclusively Crocs and those orthopedic lace-up jams old folks wear (actually those do have a nice little platform and are kind of cute so they might be added to… More »

New Year, New You! Dare To Be Different With These NYE Dresses

This year instead of making a list of ten resolution you will only stick to for 2-3 months tops (jogging is stupid and you will not ever be that person who flosses twice a day, okay?) why don’t you resolve to think outside the style box a little, starting with your New Year’s Eve dress?… More »

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