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Felipe Vidotto
Felipe Vidotto Jan 28, 2014
Celebrity Crush Of The Month: Luke Evanspic
Johnny Depppic

Johnny Depp

He is so young! And shirtless. yumm
Tina Urban
Tina Urban Jul 30, 2013

Hands up ladies, this Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz

Haïïïï Buzzgirls (and boys)! So I've seen lately that many people are posting photos about shows they went to (Yea well I'm new here, not…
iamadelaidee Jul 02, 2013
Felipe Vidottopic
Felipe Vidotto
Felipe Vidotto Apr 22, 2013

Justin Bieber Loses His Shirt Again...Borrring!

Ok, honestly, Justin Bieber just needs to stop. Yeah, I get that he is an international pop-star and can basically do whatever he wants, but…
Felipe Vidottopic

Felipe Vidotto

so let's do the first :)
Felipe Vidotto
Felipe Vidotto Mar 12, 2013

MTV Movie Award Nominations 2013: Who's Taking Home The Popcorn?

It's time to cast your votes for your favorite actors and flicks for MTV's Movie Awards! This year MTV added two new categories: Best Shirtless…
chermarie Mar 06, 2013
Exclusive: Zack Merrick Of All Time Low Shares How To Be Healthy On And Off The Road!pic

Justin Bieber Performs Shirtless After Questionable Photos Leak (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber can't seem to catch a break. On Saturday night Justin made his first apperance since TMZ released photos of the 18-year-old smoking what…
Bill Kaulitz... Shirtless!!pic

Exclusive: Catching Up With A Shirtless & Happy Christofer Drew

Christofer Drew of Never Shout Never has gotten a lot of heat recently for an awkward interview that hit YouTube this weekend, but I had a lovely…

Exclusive: Christofer Drew Spills On Bamboozle & Friendship

This year's Bamboozle was three days filled with live music and getting to sit down with some of the artists who graced the stage. I…
Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs May 30, 2012
Snake Bitespic

Snake Bites

So i got me sum GOLD snake bites! lol HELLZ YA!
jessejentzen Feb 23, 2012