Be The First To Buy A Limited Edition Boogaluke Shirt!

Boogaluke shirts have arrived! There are only 100 shirts available for purchase so make sure you order one ASAP!! Each shirt comes with…

Splattered Trend

Recently the “Splattered Trend” has been spreading it’s way across the magazine stands. There was a feature in Nylon which showcased the splattered trend on pants, shirts, bags and more! Check out my gallery of the splattered trend in full effect. This is very Carrie Diaries inspired, don’t you think? What do you think of… More »

Floral shirt heaven!

Put a flowery pattern in it and I’ll take one in every style! For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved anything with a pattern on it, so when floral print stepped back on to the scene, you can imagine how happy I was! As I mentioned here, one of my fave closet items… More »

Soo Joo Caterina Gatta Fall 2012

Soo Joo  Caterina Gatta Fall 2012


When I was at the dentist on Wednesday a girl came in delivering food to the staff there and look at that name !! It’s my name and connected to PIZZA !! I asked her if I could take a photo and of course she said yes 😀

Hot Or Not? Miley Cyrus Rocks Black Lace Bra And Sheer Blouse!

Miley Cyrus’ is having what I would consider the best year of her life! “Never felt more me in my whole life ” she said when she first cut her hair.…

Redefine Your Band Tees

Hey guys, I am a big fan of DIY and ripping old stuff up to make it look like a complete new addition to your wardrobe. I feel like so many of us have tons of old and new band shirts just sitting in our closet because we HAD to have them yet we never… More »

Trend Alert: Destroyed Tees

I made a post a little while ago about “How To Rip A Shirt“, and it inspired me to look for more ideas! I looked online and found some of my favorite styles of ripped and destroyed shirts that other people have made! Take a look through the gallery and maybe you can get some… More »

Taylor Lautner Refuses To Go Topless

Taylor Lautner had been acting before landing the fateful role in a little movie called Twilight, but he really had heads turning when his character Jacob…

My Top 10 Of Britney Spears Best Outfits // Winter 2011

We are just greet 2012, but there still a blog I have to write, it’s about my favorite Britney’s outfits of this winter. In the last two months of 2011 we have seen Britney rocking…

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