Meet My Shelter Pet - Bellamy Youngvid

Meet My Shelter Pet - Bellamy Young

Young, her rescued cat, Sadie, and dog, Bean, are the stars of a new online video in the “Meet My Shelter Pet” series from The…
multivuvideo Feb 02, 2015
Scandalous Finale Spoiler Alertpic

Scandalous Finale (Spoiler Alert)

Let me just say that there is not enough food in the world to calm my nerves when watching an episode of Scandal.  I have been…
carleewieser Apr 17, 2014

A New Cast Member Joins Saturday Night Live

While watching ABC News today, Diane Sawyer immediately had my attention when she mentioned Saturday Night Live, a show I love, had a special announcement…
Katelyn Annyce
Katelyn Annyce Jan 06, 2014
Game of Thronespic

Game of Thrones

Two words. Red Wedding. I'm still not over, I don't think I'll ever fully recover.  But that had to be the best episode of the…
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pishelle Dec 30, 2013

SIMULATED IDENTITY “A counterfeit personality”

SIMULATED IDENTITY brings to light people whose personalities are entirely geared to eliciting a maximum level of approval and attention, at whatever the cost. A…
Achim Koerfer
Achim Koerfer Oct 25, 2013

Why I Love Mellie Grant

If you have watched the show “Scandal” then you’ll know who I’m talking about, if not...go watch it (It’s good!). I will start off by…
EndlessEntertainment Oct 15, 2013

The 2013 Emmy Nominations are Here!

Reblogged from pishelle I'm always so surprised how quickly this time of the year creeps up on me! And you know I kind of live for…
8bitglitch Jul 18, 2013 Originally by pishelle

The 2013 Emmy Nominations are Here!

I'm always so surprised how quickly this time of the year creeps up on me! And you know I kind of live for these award…
pishelle Jul 18, 2013

Dolce & Gabbana sentenced to 20 months in prison

From:  To:  Fashion icons Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were finally sentenced today in Milan after years of court battles. The jury took three hours to convict them, and they are…

Amanda Bynes Shaves Her Head

Another identity crisis? Recently we hear similar kind of stuff about Biebs. Unfortunately, hes not the only one. 27 year-old actress have been posting strange…
Neeshabetha LL
Neeshabetha LL Apr 26, 2013
Show Us Your Tatts: Feat. Pete Wentzpic

Ke$ha writes songs about her vagina with her mother

The singer is very open-minded, she even admitted we would be able to see her drinking her own piss in her movie docummentary, but she…

Theory NET: FeliceFan is a girl that's blog is completly dedicated to the beautiful model Felice Fawn. But, Recently she has been reciving hate, just becouse she's a…
theorynet Feb 24, 2013

Zayn Malick could leave One Direction

Sooner or later all boys' and girls' bands end up splitting, it can be for matters of money, music ,ect. This has already happened to…
Talia Bloodina
Talia Bloodina Feb 11, 2013

Friday Favorites: Best TV Shows Of 2012

I just looked over all my posts this past year and did not realize how much happened this year.  I already talked about my favorite…
pishelle Dec 28, 2012