Awesome gaming home office setup Quality office furniture for very cheappic

Awesome gaming home office setup Quality office furniture for very cheap

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bluetagoffice Oct 20, 2014

Get Smart-Boost For Your Brain, Habit And Memory Power

L-Carnitine is breaking out as fresh baby about the weight loss horizon. L-Carnitine works by helping to facilitate metabolic process of long-chain fatty chemicals. In…
mintcork Oct 20, 2014
THESE DAYS Free CD Bradley West www.FreedomTracks.comvid

THESE DAYS ~ Free CD ~ Bradley West ~ ~ from the FREE CD "Slow Train", featuring country and bluegrass artist Bradley West ~ All songs and related videos from this and several…
aberdeen Aug 18, 2014
Professor Snape Harry Potter Songvid

Professor Snape (Harry Potter Song)

If your looking for a quick summery of all 8 Harry Potter films in the form of an epic song.. This is the music video…
shaneb Aug 09, 2014
Hurry Death - Man of Constant Sorrowvid

Hurry Death - Man of Constant Sorrow

LA based indie rock outfit Hurry Death covers the classic Irish Kentucky Hills song made popular by the Coen Bros' "O Brother, Where Art Thou".
hurryparker Jul 23, 2014
Lads We Use To Knowvid

Lads We Use To Know

(In poetic Irish accent) Here lies the tale of my closest gents and some of the fondest memories from my youth. The events in this…
shaneb Jun 22, 2014


Oakland 1985
angrylambie Apr 16, 2014


Berkeley 1985
angrylambie Apr 13, 2014

The Weakness Song

Here's a short blog I was just thinking of writing, and since I have twenty minutes to kill, I figured I might as well. Everyone should…
malmo777 Feb 26, 2014

Rest in Peace Charlotte Dawson | Dedication Blog

Some shocking and very, very sad news has just been released in the Australian media and fashion industry - Beloved model, judge and television personality…
Carly Lancaster
Carly Lancaster Feb 21, 2014

HEARTBLOG: It's Like A Superhero With Too Much Strength

Reblogged from Keltie Knight Last week I had a pretty epic text-a-thon with my friend Jade. She's the sort of magical unicorn I wish all of…
Nicole Gorajec
Nicole Gorajec Jan 18, 2014

Beat The Post Holiday Blues with Motivational Tunes!

It has been said that the first week in January is the most depressing week of the year. Resolutions get broken, reality sets in and…
Tina Jan 09, 2014

cherished memories

I spent much of the year; Wanting to have you; When I finally had him in my arms; The world was totally different; I miss you; Sometimes sitting in front…
Dgeovana Yendis
Dgeovana Yendis Dec 30, 2013
No Light, No Lightpic

No Light, No Light

"I never knew daylight could be so violent." - Hello, everyone! Yay! I'm back.  Ok, I always say that, but my dear friend [Lory] @candl1988  asked me to post…

Being Alone Vs. Lonely

Two terms that are commonly morphed together to have the same meaning are being alone and being lonely. When in reality, these two terms have…