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#FBF – Best Movies of 2017

Now that we’re officially five days into 2018, it’s time to reflect on the year that has passed. Yes, there were a few ups and lots of downs… you know – politically, environmentally, and sexually for lots of ladies in Hollywood, but as part of our “New Year, New Vibe” mission, we’re going to focus… More »

Celeb Couples With Flawless Street Style

Now that winter is in full swing and we’re all bundled up for function rather than fashion, trying to keep it fancy and flawless is harder than ever. The good news is, layering is the best and you’ll be able to show off your versatility in so many ways. If you’re desperate for a little… More »

#FBF Young Ryan Gosling

TGIF, for real ya’ll! While fall weather is taking it’s sweet, sweet time to hit most parts of the country, there is a huge plus side to another warm weekend if you enjoy an afternoon in air conditioning. Make plans to hit the movie theatre… this time to see Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049…. More »

#FBF Top 8 GIFs From The Notebook

Ok, so maybe The Notebook came out in 2004. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. That movie is aging like a fine ass wine. On this #FBF, let’s review The Notebook in all its glory. The absurd Nicholas Sparks’ love story starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams basically gave an entire generation of women unrealistic expectations about… More »

The Evolution of Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is only 36 years old. Crazy, considering our Memphis-born pop sensation has been in the limelight for 25 years! His first major TV performance (at the ripe old age of 11) was on Star Search. Next, there was Mickey Mouse Club followed by *NSYNC, a successful solo career, and a successful movie career… More »

2017 Oscars Red Carpet Recap

Last night, Hollywood’s biggest stars spent hours upon hours getting glammed up for our pleasure and for the chance to possibly maybe win an Oscar. While a choice few, like Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Casey Affleck, and Mahershala Ali took home shiny gold trophies, most of our fave stars, including the always amazing, always babe-ly Ryan… More »

#FBF Oscar Winners From a Decade Ago

Happy Friday, party people! We’re just days away from La La Land day, er I mean, the Oscars. With this glamorous award show on the horizon, let’s reflect on past winners. If we rewind an entire decade to 2007, we can revisit some oldies but goodies. Back in ’07 the recession was total insanity and the very… More »

15 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Notebook

The Notebook will forever be one of best romance movies ever made. The story of Noah and Allie is everything #relationshipgoals stands for and it’s literally impossible to watch the movie without an ugly cry face. In celebration of Valentines Day just a couple weeks away, check out these eye popping facts about this film you… More »

10 Things Way Better Than a Boyfriend

It’s that time of year… Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Plus, it’s cold AF and you definitely don’t feel like going out to troll for dudes every weekend. I bet you wish you were in love with a dashing fella on your horn. Sure, it sounds like paradise, but having a man in… More »

The Best Ryan Gosling Memes To Make You LOL

There’s no doubt Ryan Gosling is an other worldly babe. We’re all jealous of Eva Mendes, and often wonder what it would be like to be enveloped in Ryan’s arms. It’s pretty likely it’ll never happen, but thanks to the viral, “Hey Girl” meme, we can make him say just about anything to bring on the LOLs…. More »

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