Las Vegas Showcase

The Shops at Crystals Aria on the Las Vegas strip is one of the most expensive retail malls you can leisurely walk through. It is…
flowourbombfashion Jul 14, 2015

France Fights Anorexia By Banning Super Skinny Models

Models are a bit of an anomoly. They have seemingly perfect bodies, low body weight, and look amazing in every freakin' thing they put on…
Aimee Curran
Aimee Curran Apr 03, 2015

Jackie Strikes Back ! #SDFW

Hey Fashion Bunnies! As many of you know, or have noticed: I stopped blogging about 2 years ago. Sometimes life takes you in other directions…
Jacqueline Antoinette
Jacqueline Antoinette Mar 06, 2015