New Year Resolution

We all create resolution for the new year but we never seem to follow them. Some do, others don't. I however don't make any because…
Jubedha Jan 03, 2014
Britney: Whatre Your Favorite Moments In 2013? LAST POST OF THE YEARpic

Britney: What’re Your Favorite Moments In 2013? [LAST POST OF THE YEAR]

Britney Tweeted fans asking what their favorite moments of 2013 were. Well? "Favorite moments from this past year?"   Let me know yours. I'm so curious. :) Personally, I'm…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Jan 02, 2014

2013, Accomplished.

At the beginning of the year I set this challenge for myself and now, before my New Years Eve night begins, I am going to…

A Reflection of 2013

As I sit in my family room with the fire crackling and Jayson roasting s'mores in the fireplace, I see how tall and mature he…
dangitjenny Dec 31, 2013