In Love With a Bearded Man? Read This!

Beards may be here to stay! How do you feel about that? -PJ GachWith a guy who has a beard? Does it ever feel like it's…
PJ Gach
PJ Gach 12 hrs ago

Eli Roth brings THE STRANGER

Jeri Jacquin This week in theatres and On Demand from director/writer Guillermo Amoedo and producer Eli Roth comes the story of THE STRANGER. This film tells the…
Movie Maven
Movie Maven Jun 11, 2015

Asking A Guy For His Number Is Easier Than Ever! Here’s How…

Approach the guy of your choice with a simple “Hello, my name is…” After a bit of small talk, mention to him that he looks…
Glasgow Skinner
Glasgow Skinner May 02, 2015


Jeri Jacquin In theatres from director Ross Katz and Radius-TWC comes a look at the changes in life when trying to start as ADULT BEGINNERS. The film…
Movie Maven
Movie Maven Apr 24, 2015


Jeri Jacquin In theatres this Friday from director Chris Messina and Screen Media Films comes an awakening when you’re ALEX OF VENICE. The film tells the story…
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Movie Maven Apr 16, 2015
Testimonials Reviews on The Trivedi Effect!pic

Testimonials & Reviews on The Trivedi Effect!

Find the health and wellness testimonials and reviews on The Trivedi Effect It has helped many people around the world. We provide a healthand wellness…
mktrivedi Apr 09, 2015

Do You Have Toxic Friends?

nbsp; Do You Have Toxic Friends? Do you ever catch yourself feeling down after hanging out with friends? Do you feel like you're not appreciated and never…
Mindy White
Mindy White Mar 23, 2015

Why You Should Never Go Back..

1 - I love everything about this girl. 2 - I love everything about this article. Reblogged from Samii Ryan I found this article while browsing around Facebook…
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Foto Tu Love On Top. Lea esto y lo hacen tan

Parenting puede ser dificil pleasant al mismo tiempo. Convertirse padres surtido de habilidades. Tipicamente Usted necesita necesitaran tiempo, comprension y paciencia. Podrias posiblemente excelente si…
jbstraightlinesystem12 Mar 07, 2015

? Es el amor una estafa

Parenting puede ser dificil advantageous al mismo tiempo. Como ser mama o papa surtido de habilidades. En su mayor parte Usted necesita ser consciente de…
roundairport4197 Mar 06, 2015

Como convertir su amor Desde Blah en fantasticos

Parenting puede ser dificil enjoyable al mismo tiempo. Para estar siempre madre o padre volumen de habilidades. Tipicamente Usted necesita realmente necesita comprension, paciencia tolerancia…
abandonedlimbo913 Mar 06, 2015


Jeri Jacquin Coming to theatres from director John Burgess and Principle Entertainment comes a different kind of love with ONE SMALL HITCH. This film tells the story…
Movie Maven
Movie Maven Feb 05, 2015
don't let a good thing gopic

don't let a good thing go

I realize that people are more inclined to say this about a significant other, but for me, my best friend is my significant other because…
daniellerevive Feb 01, 2015

Illegal SEO Practices in Order To Avoid 24

SEO, or search engine marketing, is how search engines are used to increase the chances of getting a high standing. Because so many Internet surfers…
kyvuohrjsuyx Jan 11, 2015

How To Write A Love Note

This is one of many hardest questions there's always something good ask yourself. Often people give up too soon in their relationship. They shouldn't put…
tunahammer65 Jan 03, 2015