7 Reasons Gaining Relationship Weight is the Best Worst Thing Ever

We’ve all been there… you meet a person and sparks start flying. Suddenly, they’ve slid into your DMs, you text one another 24/7, and every free moment is all about hanging out and kissing with tongue. It’s only a matter of time until you’re such happy clams that eating out, whipping up intricate carb-heavy meals,… More »

This Is How You “Play It Cool” When You Have Crush

Having crushes can be so fun, especially in the early days. Everything about this new love interst is exciting and cool…the most mundane things like seeing them eat a sandwich is the stuff swoon worthy moments are made of. However, as time goes on and the crush gets stronger, it can be realllly hard to… More »

8 Reasons Jake Gyllenhaal Makes The Perfect Holiday Boyfriend

Winter is in full swing. The evenings are long and dark and cold and you’re probably craving a warm body to hug you all night long. Well, remember ladies and gents… don’t throw standards out the window just because you’re ready nest through another cold season. Why settle for an average Joe when you really want… More »

Looks Like Selena Gomez Might Have A New BF

Ok Ok…so maybe we just posted about why we think Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez should get back together, but turns out a few nostalgic Instagrams are not enough for Sel to run back into his arms. Word on the street is Selena is totally smitten with singer Charlie Puth! Last year Charlie introduced himself… More »

Taylor Swift Gives Meaning To #RelationshipGoals In New Instagram

Yesterday I posted about Taylor Swift going public with her relationship on Twitter via a grainy black and white photo posted on Instagram by bestie, Gigi Hadid. Well, just…

Death To My Non-Existent Ego

I encourage you to travel. I’ve spent the past 4 months just doing that. Some for work, some for personal. Traveling opens your eyes…

Is This Kendall Jenner’s New Man???!

This couple is too hot to handel! 18-year-old Kendall Jenner was spotted with this mystery hunk while in Italy for Milan fashion week. The two were seen walking the streets of Milan hand-in-hand and Ms…

Sometimes Your Story With People Just Ends… Even Without A The End

Have you ever had one of those dreams where it was just brutally honest. When I say honest, I mean, it was so intense that…

Youtube Evolution Of: The Ready Set


Starting way back around 2009 a lovely group called The Ready Set was signed to the label owned by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy called Decaydance Records. If…

Never Lose Your Flame

It’s time to get personal on the BUZZNET blog. I usually don’t hold anything back, and let you have it all (Life, How a

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