Designer Spotlight: GiGi New York

Hope you've been good this year, because you're going to want to tell Santa what you really want for Christmas. If you're in the market…
Mindy White
Mindy White Dec 06, 2014
BagPurse ? Made of Blue Hair - From Audrey Kitching's Monday Weekly Inspirations Gallerypic

Bag/Purse (?) Made of Blue Hair - From Audrey Kitching's "Monday Weekly Inspirations" Gallery

I hope this is human hair or faux hair and not animal hair. It's odd, but I like it.
NinaLeeCherryAmbition Nov 10, 2014 Originally by audrey
ninja turtle pouchpic
hot not rebirth fanny pack large msg 130348913995pic
Trending Hard on Instagram x Week IIpic

SELLING STUFF on EBAY!!!!! 100% Feedback!!!

Selling some great stuff on Ebay inclusing aromatherpy oil and a great VEGAN purse from urban outfitters! CLICK HERE
Katie Cupcakes
Katie Cupcakes Mar 25, 2014

Weekly Inspirations (2/16)

Although Valentine's Day has already passed, I'm still reeling over this year's crop of e-cards, and other cute items and people. I've posted some of…
itsallisonbtch Feb 16, 2014
Hippie Bagspic

New Purses by the Church of Vanity

I just put these new purses up in my Etsy store. https://www.etsy.com/shop/ChurchofVanity?ref=si_shop Each purse was handmade and hand painted by me. They are the perfect size for a…
Nefertara Nov 07, 2013
Signature Leather Corssbody Bag- Juicy Couturepic

Signature Leather Corssbody Bag- Juicy Couture

I have always been a fan of simple classic bags. I love the lock and key on this bad boy.
Perfect Bagpic

Perfect Bag

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gabbiebrown Jun 24, 2013
Things In My Bagpic

Things In My Bag

By: Jessica Holmes@JiggaCityJessRead more from Jessica here: http://digitaltowerofdreams.blogspot.com/ Alright, I’ve been trying for over an hour to add numbers to this and it’s just not happening…
Thrift Store Treasurespic

Thrift Store Treasures

I find a lot of unique items during my thrift store visits but this one has to be my favorite! Although I'm pretty sure it's a…
kelsaymarie May 15, 2013