I love getting new clothes!pic

Hai!! :)

So I'm new here, not really knowing what to do. Maybe this will become a new addiciton? O.o A little scared to find out!
emmyeatsyoface Oct 09, 2014
Girl With Lilac White Hair Wearing an EAY Shirt A Pentagram Necklacepic
2009 Swatch Openingpic
Callina Marie
Callina Marie Jul 20, 2014
My DIY Pastel Faerie Princess Rainbow Hairpic

My DIY Pastel Faerie Princess Rainbow Hair

(self-portrait) I experimented with some Manic panic, Special Effects, and Ion colors to create a  mix of water color rainbow hues in my hair.
Nefertara Jul 02, 2014
Neeshabetha x LL's Lookbook Spoilerpic

Neeshabetha x LL's Lookbook Spoiler

Neeshabetha LL
Neeshabetha LL May 15, 2014


dresses, bodices, collar, crowns, & shawl all by The Church of Vanity model is Annamarie Bartolozzi (hair, makeup, & photo by Tara Ozella "Nefertara") https://www.etsy.com/shop/ChurchofVanity...
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Nefertara May 09, 2014