Lindsay Lohan Steals From Max George Of The Wanted!

Lindsay Lohan has been spending what seem like a lot of time with boy band The Wanted. A day after partying in NYC with Max George…
Why You Never Hit A Girl!vid

Why You Never Hit A Girl!

That Dick Deserved To Get Smashed!

I really don't know what to make of this...

Last night there was a dance. I went... and it turned out bad. A lot of stuff happened and I ended up punching a wall. Three times- all…
KariAnn Oct 27, 2007
Funny Cartoon The Punching Bagvid

Funny Cartoon The Punching Bag

Our friend Bob gets the bright idea to play with a punching bag. See more @ bedofilms.com
bedofilmsdotcom Oct 01, 2007

My roommates are geniuses

It started off with twinkies. Then it progressed to bananas. Andy bought a box of Twinkies, and when he tossed one to Matt, Matt punched…
lungcavityatf Jan 11, 2007


...yeah amanda and kim ... knock some teeth out
bootoyou23 Jul 06, 2005