Question Of The Day: Let's Pretend

I feel like this today: GDI Nothing is really wrong or anything like that. It's just, you know, I have this feeling in my rumble tums that…
El Rich
El Rich Dec 14, 2012

Winds Of Change.

It seems so easy when you're right in front of me, But all the things I need to say are all the things I shouldn't say. And…
ashliredden May 03, 2012
312313314: Sometimes IDKpic

312/313/314: Sometimes IDK

When I don't know things, I put a bag on my head and shame myself. That painting in the middle was done by my sister…
El Rich
El Rich Nov 14, 2011
Me and friend, pretending to be highpic
angrylambie Oct 16, 2011
We're Frozen In Timepic

"We're Frozen In Time"

Andi and I being statues at The Milwaukee County Zoo after giving blood last Wednesday! Also, Andi is forever away (okay not forever away, but not…
Rhianna Jul 02, 2009
Last of the American girls.pic
make believe.pic
Shyann Ashley
Shyann Ashley Jul 01, 2009

Baby Blurs

I was born possible three days ago? That probably sounds right... Interests of me that will interest you: I listen to any music that is classic. I don't…
unavez Oct 05, 2008

just tell me once....

I kissed your lips in your room, you took my hand and we were off to the moon. Your grip was tight, your heart was fast, I smiled…

Pretend lover

and someone caressed me with their mind tonight, and someone touched me with their soul. I look forward to feeling your warm fingertips mold my…
elizabethbath0ry Nov 11, 2006
make uppic

make up

this isn't really me, because it's me doing a photography project based on cindy shermans work. it's made up. and it's make up.
elliebelle Apr 20, 2005