Ytellmagazine: Fans Save Fifth Harmony From The Chopping Block

Fifth Harmony fans save Sledgehammer from the Chopping Block. Radio charts and playlists highlight the hottest records in a span of time with the listeners…
musicdish Mar 21, 2015

Playlist of the [Random Time Increment]: Sounds of Sunshine

As always, here's a direct link to the playist if you don't want to read all the gab I write after this: Many people who live…
stonecoldradio Mar 12, 2015

Playlist of the [Random Time Increment]: Aspirations

I had planned on writing up this blog on Valentine's Day, because it seemed like the only way I could get more clichè than making…
stonecoldradio Feb 15, 2015

Playlist of the [Random Time Increment]: Breathe

(If you don't want to read all of this, here's a link to why it was written: Breathe)  So first, I have a confession to make. Currently…
stonecoldradio Feb 09, 2015

Playlist: Fourteen songs for February 14.

Happy February! Tis’ the season where everything seems to be covered in red, pink and heart shaped patterns, and let’s not forget about all those…
Naty Feb 04, 2015

Favorite Songs Of 2014!

I should preface this by saying these are MY top songs of 2014, and they're mostly sugary pop junk (#notsorry) If you like Saccharine sweet pop…
Alexis Jan 06, 2015

30 Songs Turning 10 In 2015 That Will Make You Feel Super Old

Now I feel SUPER old!!!! Reblogged from Callina Marie I'm about to make you feel VERY OLD with the playlist below filled with songs that are…
concertzap Jan 05, 2015 Originally by callinamarie