Nostalgia To The Max: 2009 Playlist

Reblogged from Tina 2009 was the year of Disney darlings. Demi Lovato released her second album, Selena Gomez made her musical debut with her band, The…
Ary Irigoyen
Ary Irigoyen 22 hrs ago Originally by tinabobeena

Nostalgia To The Max: 2009 Playlist

2009 was the year of Disney darlings. Demi Lovato released her second album, Selena Gomez made her musical debut with her band, The Scene, the…
Tina Apr 17, 2014

Synth Saturday: April 5

Hey there folks! Happy Saturday! I'm starting a new segment here on BUZZNET called Synth Saturday! Every Saturday, I will be posting new playlists of…
Tina Apr 05, 2014
March Playlist! bit late : sorrypic

March Playlist! (bit late :/ sorry)

Here are the jams i've been listening to throughout march! 1. The Pretty Reckless Going to hell (album) 2. Do you want to build a…
georgiajinxx Apr 02, 2014

My Sunny Saturday Playlist

Hello Buzznet! It has been a while since I have posted anything due to the grind (work & uni). However I thought I'd share the good…
Leone Paige Bellamy
Leone Paige Bellamy Mar 15, 2014

Nostalgia To The Max: 2002 Playlist

2002 was crazy-filled with variety! Avril Lavigne made her big debut (tie and all), Vanessa Carlton rode her big piano everywhere, Britney wasn't a girl…
Tina Mar 13, 2014

Mixtape Music: Part One.

Happy Wednesday, Buzzies! I forgot how amazing it feels to tell a story through a mixtape or a playlist - It involves an incredible sense of…
Sabrina Kay
Sabrina Kay Mar 12, 2014

Girl Power! Celebrate International Women's Day With A Playlist!

March 8, is International Women's Day! To celebrate, I've put together a playlist full of women that are killin' it right now in the music…
Tina Mar 07, 2014

Nostalgia To The Max: 1998 Playlist

1998 was the year it all started to happen. TRL made it's big debut, NSYNC wanted us back, the Backstreet Boys were intent on telling…
Tina Mar 06, 2014

February Playlist !

Heres a few tunes i've been jammin' to this month :P enjoy 1. Bring me the horizon - Sempiternal (Album) 2. Marilyn Manson - The…
georgiajinxx Feb 28, 2014

Nostalgia To The Max: 2006

I think it's safe to say that 2006 was an odd year for music. Personally, looking back, I'm pleased at how things have progressed. Taylor…
Tina Feb 27, 2014
Studying Playlistpic

Studying Playlist

T.S. Eliot begins his poem The Wasteland with the declaration that "April is the cruelest month." Eliot is referring to the arrival of spring; however…
staceyvegas Feb 27, 2014
Boyce avenue playlistvid

Boyce avenue playlist

"Best songs of boyce avenue covers"
Bek Feb 24, 2014

I Need YOUR Help Creating A Playlist For The Weekend!

Hi Buzznetters! Right now I'm a guest blogger for a website called "Evolve And Ascend." and I contribute things to their site every Wednesday and Friday of the week. This…
Haleigh Rice
Haleigh Rice Feb 23, 2014

Nostalgia To The Max: 1995

1995 was an excellent year for music! Most of my favorite things in the world were released during that year - Garbage's debut album, Empire…
Tina Feb 20, 2014