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Fly high above the cars and into the stars.pic

Fly high above the cars and into the stars.

Me and Mike are getting ready to watch this movie. It looks to be pretty good and I love cars so I am pretty sure…
escaperoute Jul 09, 2014
Week 21 For those things and momentspic

Week # 21 For those things and moments

Fantastic event. Live music played for fragments of Pixar movies. I really get emotional abotu many movies still. Animated pictures. And I rediscovered how music…
Tommorow Jun 01, 2014
Disney Pixar's Monsters Inc Sully inspired makeuppic
79 Wonderful Disney Nail Art Designspic

79 Wonderful Disney Nail Art Designs

The Little Mermaid
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Russell from Uppic

Russell from Up

This character is hilarious!
sulfatefree Sep 04, 2012
quiet day :pic

quiet day :)

Is the last week vacation!I'm super excited to start my course in Animation *-*Last night I had a beautiful and bizarre dream in which I was working at Pixar ... Then I woke up ¬¬   I put some more photos on flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/raphaela_ph xoxo
Raphaela Vieira
Raphaela Vieira Jan 25, 2012


Pixar and Disney fans will recognize this little guy from the hit 'Toy Story 2'. Wheezy was saved when Woody discovered him when he was…
Sara Scoggs
Sara Scoggs Nov 11, 2011
Toy Story LOLzpic

Toy Story LOLz

Check out Andy's college Facebook status!
The Maine in UP?pic

The Maine in UP?

I stumbled across this strange find while watching Disney and Pixar's "UP"... The Maine's new album Black & White?
Bernadette Gallardo
Bernadette Gallardo Nov 26, 2010
The Pixar Gates!pic

The Pixar Gates!

On 4/1/10, I got a sweet tour of Pixar studios.
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breesays Apr 02, 2010
Pixar Studiospic

Pixar Studios

I am a wee bit jealous that a couple of my bosses and coworkers got to go up to Pixar Studios the other day. One day...
Sarah Dope
Sarah Dope Sep 24, 2009
Wall-e invasion!!pic

Wall-e invasion!!

Last Friday there was some kind of a "science carnival(? sorry, I don't know the word in English). And some little kids made this lovely…
ebcm Apr 08, 2009
WALL-E movie billboard on Sunset Blvd in L.A.pic

WALL-E movie billboard on Sunset Blvd in L.A.

fore more movie images visit: http://jasoninhollywood.blogspot.com
jasoninhollywood Jul 30, 2008
IMG 0072pic

IMG 0072

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renegademartian Jul 27, 2008
remember a bajillion years ago I said we went to Pixar, this is from thatpic