Look to daypic

Look to day

Fashion is my life
Elijah Clifford
Elijah Clifford Oct 26, 2014
Birthday Girlpic

Birthday Girl

Yesterday was my "Sweet 16" birthday. I spent the day with my family and my boyfriend, and we spotted this perfect Mexican resturant. We got…
Mandi Jul 01, 2014
Model Moment: Abbey Lee Kershawpic
Mandi Jun 28, 2014

"Earth and Sun" Editorial by Aimee Stoddart

Photos: Aimee StoddartHair & Makeup: Jess ChapmanStylist: Olivia FrankowskiModel: Sarah Tilleke
Mandi Jun 24, 2014
My Baby Lives in Shades of Bluepic
Kendall Kyliepic

Kendall & Kylie

21 pics
Mandi Jun 21, 2014
Don't Let Them Pull You Downpic

Don't Let Them Pull You Down

Times are getting hard Everyone is at fault Just want to let out a big scream Trying to hide your crying stream You're under so much stess Everything is turning…
Crissy Jun 14, 2014