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Week 39 Because I'm...pic

Week # 39 Because I'm...

happy a bit. This is photo made as silly selfie in the mirror, my mom holds this little mirror and I like it when she's somehow…
Tommorow Sep 19, 2014
Blackberry sponge puddingpic

Blackberry sponge pudding

I made some of these individual blackberry jam sponge puddings yesterday - for the freezer . But I had to eat one just to test…
annier Sep 19, 2014
The boy who lived - little Chestnutpic

The boy who lived - little Chestnut

nbsp;I went to my grandma a couple of times this summer. In the beginning of July she told me one of her cats looks like…
almondalley Sep 19, 2014


A long walk in the woods what a great day sunny highs in the 80s.
hersh Sep 19, 2014
Last days of summerpic

Last days of summer

It's nice to still see some butterflies around. They are very attracted to the bushes that are still in bloom in my parents' backyard. :) I…
Hovis enjoying the autumn sunshinepic

Hovis enjoying the autumn sunshine

Up on Plumstone moor - it looks and smells wonderful there now with all the gorse and heather in bloom and there are still lots…
annier Sep 18, 2014
Meet Majorpic

Meet Major

Kay and I went into Pet Supplies while we were in Petoskey on Monday!  While we were there we met this BEAUTIFUL show dog named…
CANDLE Sep 17, 2014
Muddy duckspic

Muddy ducks

Now you tell me how this is cute in any way? The ducks are still out and about turning the place into a huge puddle…
Out for a ridepic

Out for a ride

Sarah and I had a lovely ride the other day. She is riding Floss and I am on Ski. The weather continues to be wonderful…
annier Sep 16, 2014
Meeting Fall Out Boypic

Meeting Fall Out Boy

So this happened. My pants were more black than anyone else's. I stayed true to my emo phase of 2006/07. If you have a spare couple…
almondalley Sep 17, 2014
Day 19pic


I had a tiny BBQ on Sunday just my son and his fiancee and my brother and of course my husband. Allison made these delicious…
BIZARRELAND Sep 17, 2014
Flying Highpic

Flying High

Yesterday Tom took me flying in his Cessna 150, and it was AMAZING to say the least !  I was worried that I would be…
CANDLE Sep 13, 2014
It's a hard life !pic

It's a hard life !

Hovis fast asleep on my sofa - he likes to be under a blanket and rearranges the chair covers to suit him !
annier Sep 15, 2014
And don't forget the flowers every anniversary.pic

And don't forget the flowers every anniversary.

I am so ready for fall to be here. :-) Fall has got to be my favorite season of the year besides winter. I love…
escaperoute Sep 15, 2014