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Sunset of Sunsetspic

Sunset of Sunsets

You are probably sick of my sunsets, but I just can't keep myself from posting them!  It is so delightful to end each day with…
CANDLE Jul 22, 2014
Earth Artpic

Earth Art.........

The New West Des Moines Earth Art Park, Its all about the earth and the ways we live on this plant. Photo 1 The juice…
hersh 10 hrs ago
Pink Big Pigpic

Pink Big Pig...........

Well it almost Iowa State Fair time and the pink pigs are here. And to let you all know I did not make the cut…
hersh Jul 23, 2014
A cooling paddlepic

A cooling paddle

This girl was enjoying a paddle in the sea at Newgale about 9am this morning . The sea is a lovely temperature now - not…
annier Jul 24, 2014
High in the bleacherspic

High in the bleachers

I just looked up this idiom "to sit high in the bleachers" because I was searching for a witty title for this. Now, I don't…


This Bumblebee was resting on the Purple Coneflower so I was able to get a few photos before it woke up :D The purple flower is…
BIZARRELAND Jul 24, 2014
This is too muchpic

This is too much

Charlie has had it with all that sun and heat!!! Wherever she can find shade she lies down to relax. She always looks awfully skinny during…
Butterfly on daisypic

Butterfly on daisy

This Green Veined White butterfly was having a happy time on a large patch of daisies and didn't mind me taking close up photos!
annier Jul 21, 2014
The Arenapic

The Arena

Hi there!  First things first, I just posted the links of my VOLT festival recaps that I wrote for Alt Scribe here as well. It`s a…
dora Jul 22, 2014
Project 52: Week 29pic

Project 52: Week 29

I asked my grandparents to sit down so I could take a photo and my grandma goes "Should we make out?" and we all burst…
Feli Jul 21, 2014
Soft Sunsetpic

Soft Sunset

We had yet another beautiful sunset tonight!  It went through 3 stages and I was able to photograph the beginning, which you see here, and…
CANDLE Jul 19, 2014
Summerfest at the car showpic
Faux eyespic

Faux eyes

I finally managed to photograph a peacock butterfly opening its wings completely. It took me several attempts as this one was opening and afterwards quickly…
First Peacock butterflypic

First Peacock butterfly

I was beginning to think I wasn't going to get any Peacock Butterflies on my Buddleia bush this year - but one appeared this afternoon…
annier Jul 20, 2014
Towards Verdipic

Towards Verdi

With storm clouds brewing
desertphreak Jul 20, 2014