Hot Or Not: Disney's 7 Deadly Sins

I love these amazing illustrations made by Christopher Hil from Canada. I adore the way how he shows seven deadly sins. But that do you…
Forbidden Jan 06, 2015

Christmas Blog

Hi there!  I know that tomorrow is New Years, and I am just getting a few minutes to post my Christmas Photo Blog! I am…
CANDLE Dec 31, 2014
Moon about 4 pm on Dec 28thpic

Moon about 4 pm on Dec 28th

Lovely clear daytime moon! 
annier Dec 30, 2014
Blue tit waitingpic

Blue tit waiting

This pic taken Christmas Eve - he is watching a couple of starlings and waiting for them to go so he can get on the…
annier Dec 28, 2014
Merry Christmas everyone!pic

Merry Christmas everyone!

Hope you'll have a great and peaceful one! :))   Christmas 2014
iska Dec 23, 2014
Day 27pic
keep shining onpic

keep shining on

I wish you all a very merry time!
Tommorow Dec 24, 2014
let it fake snowpic

let it (fake) snow

i went to this mall with my family and they have an outdoors area where they make it snow during x-mas time, its fun cause…
chromatique Dec 25, 2014
Seasons Greetingspic

Seasons Greetings

New camera takes good pics in the dark
suzq Dec 27, 2014
Merry Christmaspic

Merry Christmas

I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas had a WONDERFUL day full of family, food, and prezzies!  I had an AMAZING day that I…
CANDLE Dec 25, 2014
Happy Christmas !pic

Happy Christmas !

We don't have snow this year so I am using this picture I took in December 2011 of  St David's Cathedral in the snow, to…
annier Dec 23, 2014


Walking in the woods today .
annier Dec 19, 2014
Farmland Chirstmaspic

Farmland Chirstmas...........

A farm in Norwalk Ia down the road from my house they like to decorate the windmill for chirstmas.
hersh Dec 17, 2014
After the mud run !pic

After the mud run !

My daughter Ali on the left , granddaughter Lottie on the right and a friend in the middle having a hot muddy bath after completing…
annier Dec 17, 2014
Memorial Tattoo for Grandmapic

Memorial Tattoo for Grandma

Went to my fantastic tattoo artist last night to get this memorial tattoo below my knee for my grandma. Kelli, my artist, is so fantastic!…
Rhianna Dec 17, 2014