My New Coffee Cuppic

My New Coffee Cup........

Ok you may think this is a new lens, well I did but it a very very cool coffee cup for me . My grilfriend…
hersh Apr 19, 2015
Hello from Hovis !pic

Hello from Hovis !

Taken on our walk today on this lovely sunny Sunday .
annier Apr 19, 2015

A WALK IN TOWN .......

I was walking this time not driving by !!! This is our over 80 year old movie theater most of the time it's a performing…
BIZARRELAND Apr 17, 2015
itty bitty kitty committeepic

itty bitty kitty committee

kitty was very curious about this collection of toy cats i found in an old box, i hadnt seen them in years!
chromatique Apr 16, 2015


My gardens are starting to grow, I have crocus, scillas and daffodils. I planted these little daffodils in the fall and now I get to…
BIZARRELAND Apr 16, 2015

Can I Post?

Okay, so I am going to try to post as you are having success!  I still can't comment though! :(  I have been seeing your…
CANDLE Apr 15, 2015

Melting Ice on the Bay

Well, I couldn't post this as a photo and have the photo appear!  It was just the text!  So I am trying a blog!  Here…
CANDLE Apr 16, 2015
Fighting the crowds on the beach!pic

Fighting the crowds on the beach!

Well maybe not crowds though I did see another 3 people and 2 dogs while we were walking there for nearly an hour this morning!
annier Apr 16, 2015
Easter Cactipic

Easter Cacti..........

My easter cacti it like the chirstamas cacti but is more of a hanging plant but it ok in a pot. Common Name: Easter Cacti…
hersh Apr 16, 2015

Young love, I hope you are well. At least we now both have a story to tell.

Thursday 16 April 2015 I am now a wanderer. oxoxoxoxoxoxox Leeds.  Money grows on trees, you know. London. San Cisco. You Are A Work Of Art By Laura Cheshire They briefly whisper velvety…
Hard Life, Hard Deathpic
Fly Higher Than The Sun...pic

Fly Higher Than The Sun...

Hi all, it's been more than a while, right? I tried to post a couple of weeks ago, but there was something wrong with Buzznet so…
Halcyon. Apr 12, 2015
Sea Campionpic

Sea Campion

On the cliffs today - that's the Irish sea in the background.
annier Apr 13, 2015
The Iowa History Buildingpic

The Iowa History Building...........

The Iowa History building in downtown Des Moines on top of the roof of the building very cool with plants and a restaurant to.
hersh Apr 13, 2015
Space Needle. Seattle Washingtonpic

Space Needle. Seattle Washington

Went up there both during the day and at night.
Xris Apr 14, 2015