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Vanilla and lacepic

Vanilla and lace

(S.o.t.d. You by the 1975) Submission for the b&w assignment! I fell in love with this skirt at Urban last week, sucker for lace!
ravenmariee Aug 07, 2013
Throwback Thursday Photo Assignmentpic

Throwback Thursday Photo Assignment

Before you shout at me that today is not Thursday, I know that. I also know that you, Buzznet people would never shout at me…
dora May 04, 2013
Lottie 2003 - favourite photopic

Lottie 2003 - favourite photo

I have thousands of digital photos on my computers and thousands of old photos in boxes and albums so picking a favourite is impossible -…
annier Apr 07, 2013
My Favorite Photo - Buzznet Photo Assignmentpic

My Favorite Photo - (Buzznet Photo Assignment)

It was hard to choose just one favorite photo, not because I think they are good, but because all are important to me and some…


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Carita Ringsing
Carita Ringsing Mar 28, 2013
nicoladerck Feb 10, 2013
Finally, fall is really here...pic

Finally, fall is really here...

It's the first time, if I'm right, that I spent time to looking for the perfect photo for a photo challenge, for showing how the…
Audrey M.
Audrey M. Oct 14, 2012
Falling Into Autumn ... Photo Assignmentpic

Falling Into Autumn ... Photo Assignment

I have already posted my autumn colors blog, so I am going to start posting things I like for Halloween!  It is my 2nd reason…
CANDLE Oct 10, 2012
Summer party time!pic

Summer party time!

i have in drafts long and boring journal about my holidays but i feel incomplete and so on that I post only one photo, you're…
Tommorow Aug 02, 2012
Summertime ... Photo Assignmentpic

Summertime ... Photo Assignment

I have had a wonderful summer!  I started with a trip to Wisconsin, and meeting up with my Buzznet peeps!  I had a great time…
CANDLE Jul 31, 2012

Its winter here... its to supose...

I know that this post must be about summer.. but u know my world is the opposite.. XD so, let me tell you how is…
nonoi Jul 30, 2012

Summer Party Time

The last few days are on my Highlights Of The Year list. And the things I did were really summerly. The great weather whole week…
dora Jul 30, 2012

Summer Party Time - A Photo Assignment

Huzzah we haz a new photo assignment. Since it's about our summer experiences so far I thought a photo blog would be nicer rather than…
Good Morning, Mr. Breakfastpic

Good Morning, Mr. Breakfast

I took this photo a little while ago, and totes forgot to post it for the assignment!  Now, I'm catching up on everything I missed…
pishelle May 03, 2012