Hobo + Keltie Knight for Peta2!

I get it, my dog Hobo is famous. Like any stage mom, I am always looking for chances to throw her into showbusiness, and she's…
Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight May 07, 2014

Keltie Knight's "Naked" Peta Ad!

Yup, that's me. This month I was happy to be a part of PETA's iconic "I'd Rather Go Naked Then Wear Fur" Campaign. There are…
Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight May 04, 2014

Gorilla fur at Paris Fashion Week, Fur-real?!

So last month American-born, Paris-based writer Diane Pernet was photographed wearing a vintage Gorilla fur coat - a species which is now endangered and banned…
littlebocreep Feb 04, 2014