10 Types Of Shady Behavior You Shouldn’t Put Up With In 2017

There’s always going to be someone who throws a little shade into our lives but that doesn’t mean you should have to take it and have it ruin your day. As we’re still in the beginning stages of the new year, it can be hard to let old habits and frustrations die out so easy… More »

Our Massive Collection Of Famous People With Cats

If you missed the memo…here at Buzznet WE LOVE CATS. Turns out, quite a few celebrities also love cats. We’ve seen a ton of pictures online of celebrities with kitties, but thought that we could fill a huge, gaping hole where one big gallery should be. It’s almost overwhelming how many cute and cuddly celebs with kit-cats… More »

Do You Have Toxic Friends?


Christina Aguilera Introduces Daughter Summer Rain On People

Meet Christina Aguilera‘s mini-me!

The 34-year-old, six-time Grammy Award winner and her 5-month-old daughter, Summer Rain Rutler,pose on the cover of People magazine’s Feb. 23 issue, on newsstands Friday. It’s the…


I was food shopping and saw this really nice Goth guy in my supermarket. He was very friendly and even posed for his photo to be taken. We have a lot of people here who dress in Gothic clothing and not just young people !! I love that culture I just wish I was young… More »

The Check Engine Light Of Life

My head has been running a million and one thoughts through my head recently about a certain topic…. Shady people. Over the past 2…

Christmas 2013, Gifts & Welcome 2014!

So finally I wanna share with you this gallery with Christmas photos, the gifts I received and several photos from New Year’s Eve and the celebration of the new year. For Christmas, we went at the restaurant, we were in 18 people and celebrated all together with a delicious fish lunch. I received tons of… More »

Adam Levine is People Magazine’s sexiest man alive?

Announced last night on the NBC show The Voice is that Adam Levine has been rated as the sexiest man alive for 2013.  I thought this was kind of strange that…

The 10 People You’ll Meet During Warped Tour (Gif Edition)

I’m so excited to be headed to Vegas/Indy this week for Warped Tour and I’ve had this idea for a blog for a while and thought why not post it! Anyways…

Mondays With Britney Spears [A Day In GIFs]

Mondays are a huge hassle for everyone… even though today I wasn’t at Uni because in the weekend I’ve been in my Uni’s city because I collaborated for the music for a fashion…

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