Who is Really Lying About Health Care? - Free CDs, Books & Videos -

INTRODUCTORY NOTE:  The alphabetized statements below come from Republican Party literature handed out at a health care rally in Nashville on August 13, 2009, prior…
Richard Aberdeen
Richard Aberdeen Oct 26, 2014

ARE PEOPLE REALLY SHEEP? - Free CDs, Videos & Books -

Most men may not complain when young women these days wear their pants lower than where their mother's pockets used to be, but it can…
Richard Aberdeen
Richard Aberdeen Oct 18, 2014
Week 43 Home wherever i'm with youpic

Week #43 Home wherever i'm with you

I came to say hello. And I want to elave you with photo of my mom I took this summer, she loved being my model…
Tommorow Oct 10, 2014
All alright.pic

All alright.

Some photographer was taking photos of these newly wed people and I had to catch it, fast and unseen. I liked how they looked happy…
Tommorow Sep 25, 2014

The Riley Guide Support Your Job Search By Maximizing Your Efforts

Your rental property is ready to lease, so where fantasizing your new actuel? Do you go it alone, or work with a property management company?…
kyleamount Sep 23, 2014
Week 39 Because I'm...pic

Week # 39 Because I'm...

happy a bit. This is photo made as silly selfie in the mirror, my mom holds this little mirror and I like it when she's somehow…
Tommorow Sep 19, 2014
Britney Might Keep Her Tinder Profilepic

Britney Might Keep Her Tinder Profile

I’d definitely swipe right on Britney Spears.   On last Tuesday, Britney stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to list the pros and cons a…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 16, 2014
Week 38 safe and soundpic

Week # 38 safe and sound

This is my friend Karolina, you may have seen here in the past. She wanted similiar photo I have takenf of myself, it didn't turned…
Tommorow Sep 13, 2014
Britney Spears Wants To Take Back The Reinspic

Britney Spears Wants To Take Back The Reins

She just don’t need permission, make her own decisions – that’s her prerogative. Britney’s remained under the control of a conservatorship for years, and though it…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Sep 09, 2014


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Kenz Torres
Kenz Torres Sep 07, 2014
Week 36 37 Her hair and smilepic

Week 36 & 37 Her hair and smile

Natalia on the photo here I still don't have a job, but I search still. I went back home after a few days in Krakow. I…
Tommorow Sep 06, 2014
DUCK ABOUT YOU - Free CD - Nashville Session Players - www.FreedomTracks.comvid

DUCK ABOUT YOU - Free CD - Nashville Session Players - - from the FREE 20-track CD "Gonna Rise Up" featuring the Nashville Session Players.  All songs and videos from this and several other CDs…
aberdeen Sep 02, 2014
DEVYA-I don't know what is Christmas-ALBUMpic

DEVYA-"I don't know what is Christmas"-ALBUM

DEVYA-"I don't know what is Christmas"-ALBUM Under license of Paige/Audio Ferox 2013
devya Aug 20, 2014
I see the lightpic

I see the light

Well, it occurs I'm my the most devoted model, haha. I like playing with light. So I, again, after all those years, started taking photos…
Tommorow Aug 19, 2014


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aberdeen Aug 19, 2014