Keeping Up With Alf, Hayley Williams' Dog, On Tour With Paramore

"Been Keepin' a moderately sized, incredibly fuzzy secret. Imma puppy mom! This is Alf" that is what Hayley Williams said on her twitter when she…
deeisdian Jul 29, 2014

Concert of the Week: Monumentour

The Monumentour was one of the best concerts that I have seen in a while and is definitely at the top of my summer list…

Concert of the Week: Monumentour Paramore M&G

I don't even have words to explain what an amazing night the Monumentour was. But first, let's talk about the one thing that I have…
Caitlyn Griffin
Caitlyn Griffin Jul 28, 2014
The Many Faces Of: Bella Thornepic

Alt. Press Award Winners!

The Alt Press Awards happen last night and I made my predications lets see if i was right for some of them! But while I was…
reallygreg Jul 22, 2014

This Is How Hayley Williams Spent A Day At APMAs

It's the first AP Music Awards, held at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and Museum at North Coast Harbor in Cleveland. Of course…
deeisdian Jul 21, 2014

Alt. Press First Award Show!

Tonight is the first ever Alternative Press Music Awards! And I couldn't be happier! This is going to be a killer show! Sleeping with Sirens…
reallygreg Jul 21, 2014
The Many Faces Of: Ashley Bensonpic

A Typical WCW On Buzznet

I guess you could say over the past year WCW/MCM have been a popular edtion to TBT/FBF every week on Instagram and Twitter.  Today, I dedicate…
Kellie Bollaertt
Kellie Bollaertt Jul 16, 2014


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Jess Purner
Jess Purner Jul 15, 2014
MONUMENTOUR Chicago experience!!pic

MONUMENTOUR Chicago experience!!

Monumentour tickets came out some time in January. Since then I've taken the ACT, twice, 2 sets of finals, plenty of playing exams, and gotten…
rachelmahne Jul 15, 2014
The Many Faces Of: Lordepic
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee Jul 14, 2014
The Many Faces Of: Bradley Soileaupic
The Many Faces Of: Tyler Carterpic
Paramore: Monumentour June 19, 2014pic

Paramore: Monumentour June 19, 2014

Hayley Williams of Paramore in Hartford, CT the first night of the Monumentour.
laurvigs Jun 28, 2014