Time Heals Our Wounds Chapter 8

Buzznets been messing up on me :( but enjoy!!!! POV: Hayley I pulled the sleeves of my hoodie over my arms, covering my wrist and hands. I…
CarpeDiem Jun 02, 2015

Wandering Anywhere & Nowhere With Tasha Cowie of DIVIDES

Wanderlust or bust. My musical wanderlust drives me, especially when it comes to the next generation of sonic histronics; driven by emotional duality, boldly by female superiority…
Rob Evanoff
Rob Evanoff Apr 14, 2015

Sneak Peak: Beauty Inspiration From Hayley Williams Beauty Series

As you might knew it already that Popular TV will have a new beauty series called Kiss Off hosting by Hayley Williams from Paramore. You…
deeisdian Mar 26, 2015