Band To Listen To: Paradise Fears

Take the good qualities of every band you've ever loved (their ability to make you cry happy tears when listening to their music, their ability…
mzegarlowicz Mar 16, 2014
Paradise Fears Shows Off Their SUV in 2011vid

Paradise Fears Shows Off Their SUV in 2011

We just posted a brand new episode of Bus Invaders (The Lost Episodes) featuring the pop/rock, Paradise Fears, showing off the SUV they toured in…
digitaltourbus Mar 06, 2014

Concert Essentials You Can't Live Without

Hey Buzznetters, Last night I went out to see my first concert for 2014!And I had a blast Paradise Fears are amazeballs so you should def…

WATCH: Paradise Fears Lyric Video 'When You Come Home'

Here at Buzznet, we've been anxiously awaiting Paradise Fears Jan. 28th release of their acoustic EP, Battle Scars.  There's still a few days to go until…
AmehKristine Jan 23, 2014

Fall is coming to a close :( ....But HAVE NO FEAR WINTER MUSIC TOURS ARE ON THEIR WAY! :D

Hey Buzznetters, So the other morning I woke up to snow! And it suddenly hit me that winter is pretty much already here lol.You would think…
stephfordays Nov 24, 2013