Rahbi Is Such A Great Performervid

Rahbi Is Such A Great Performer

Rahbi performs at Moods Music in Atlanta's "Little Five Points" for National Record Store Day. PURCHASE L.C.U. BY RAHBI: http://amzn.to/1c71UVO FOLLOW RAHBI ON TWITTER:  https://www.twitter.com/rahbi…
whenwespeaktv Jul 19, 2014
In The Zone Takeover: Outrageouspic

In The Zone Takeover: “Outrageous“

Jive Records chose “Outrageous” as the first single, but Britney convinced them to use “Me Against The Music” instead. The R. Kelly-written and produced song…
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Nov 17, 2013
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The new "Minajesty" perfume by Nicki Minaj

Reblogged from Talia Bloodina Almost every singer has released their own perfumes. The latest one to do so is Nicki Minaj. The fragance is totally inspired…
Carlos Luis Tenías
Carlos Luis Tenías Sep 05, 2013 Originally by taliabloodina

The new "Minajesty" perfume by Nicki Minaj

Almost every singer has released their own perfumes. The latest one to do so is Nicki Minaj. The fragance is totally inspired by the looks…
Britney Spears Ft. Robin Thicke Outrageous Blurred Lines Remixpic

Britney Spears Ft. Robin Thicke – “Outrageous / Blurred Lines” Remix

The very talented Neemz crafted a sick mashup of Britney’s “Outrageous” and Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.”   DAMN! I LOVE IT!!!!! Source: breatheheavy.com
Mimi K.
Mimi K. Aug 12, 2013
Britney Posts Throwback Thursday Picpic

Britney Posts Throwback Thursday Pic

Britney Tweeted a Throwback Thursday photo on Instagram. @britneyspears #TBT this was [picture above] one of my fav tour outfits! What are some of yours?   I…
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Mimi K. Jun 06, 2013

Nicki Minaj was bullied at school because of the way she dressed

Nicki Minaj was chosen by the TeenVogue magazine to appear on its cover, where the  diva appears posing, wearing  outrageous makeup and  very hip clothes…
Talia Bloodina
Talia Bloodina May 16, 2013

Lady Gaga asks for a wheelchair made of gold

All Little Monsters from all over the world are sending their best wihes to the singer, who is still recovering from the surgery she had…
Talia Bloodina
Talia Bloodina Mar 17, 2013

Lady Gaga, the new Cinderella

19th of December of 2010. Lady Gaga was "taking" her Monster Ball tour to Paris, and of course she appeared wearing the most outrageous shoes…
Talia Bloodina
Talia Bloodina Dec 27, 2012


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Snoop Dogg's Nostalgia On Facebookpic

Snoop Dogg's Nostalgia On Facebook

Snoop Dogg posted two photos of Britney from her Outrageous music video shoot back in ’03. Unfortunately, homegirl tore up her knee and the video…
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Mimi K. Jan 07, 2012

The 13th Anniversary Of The Ultimate Britney's Fan - My 13 Fav Costumes On Live Concerts

4th blog dedicated to my Queen B. It's a pleasure can be travel all along her career and talking about what I love the most…
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Mimi K. Aug 28, 2011
Snoop Dogg facebooks Britneypic

Snoop Dogg facebooks Britney

Snoop Dogg wrote on Britney's Facebook wall, saying: quote: "oohwee what it do Brit?" Maybe does he want to collaborate with her? BRILLIANT!
Mimi K.
Mimi K. May 06, 2011